Questions for the Larsons: Part 2

I’m finally getting to the second part of the Larson post.  The first one is here in case you missed it.

I hope to do another post on writing an emotionally engaging character in the next two weeks.  All I can say is the tax season is full of distractions.  But I finally get to the accountant this upcoming week.  *fingers crossed this will be it for another year*

As it turned out this post reached 1000 words after two questions, so I have to make  Part 3 now for the Larsons.  I swear, when you get the Larsons going, there’s no stopping them from rambling.  LOL


K-Tina says: I like all brothers and can’t seem to chose between them and as much as I love hearing Dave’s story and I really do. I would like to hear more about the other stories, and their children especially Richard’s!!

richard happy

Richard Larson

Richard says:  K-Tina, you are awesome.  So many people overlooked me in the past.  While all of my brothers and sisters got in the spotlight, I was left behind.  Sure, I got a vague mention here and there, but no one really got to know me.   This was why I insisted on starting a brand new series.  I didn’t want to get lost in the “Nebraska” crowd.  Because of this, I have petitioned Ruth to give our children their own series.  There’s no reason why they should be lost in the crowd like I was.

At the moment, she’s been working with Dave’s children.  Of course.  I mean, it’s all about Dave Larson.  I still don’t get the appeal, but people can’t get enough of him.  So we have Issac’s story (in Isaac’s Decision), a little of Rachel’s (in Boaz’s Wager), Rose’s (in Catching Kent), and Rose’s (in His Convenient Wife).

None of the other children have gotten their stories yet, and from what I hear, the only one who has a chance of getting his story is Sep from Shotgun Groom.  He’s not really one of the children, though.  He’s Joel’s wife’s brother.  Remember April?  Yep, her little brother.  I hear he is on the list for 2017, and I believe the title will be His Auctioned Bride, but don’t quote me on that.

What I also know is that some people have requested a third Dave and Mary book.  (Something that boggles my mind since I do think we should be focusing more on the children at this point in the game.)  Although, some requests have come in for my parents.  That’s just gross, guys.  I will not read that book because never in a million years will I ever admit my parents had sex.  Ever.  I will go to the grave believing the stork delivered me and my brothers and sisters on their doorstep.  I sleep better at night that way.

However, when the other children will get their series?  I’d say start looking out to 2018.  I know.  Bummer, right?  Ruth really needs to up her writing.


Tina says: Richard was so sweet and a close second to Dave. I love Dave and Mary. My favorite couple and book. I would also like to know what brother he is close to and his journey and starting his own farm.

dave with dog

Dave Larson with his favorite dog, Jasper


Dave says: If I were everyone, I’d ignore Richard’s rant above.  What he neglects to mention is Eye of the Beholder was written before any other Larson book.  Yep, that’s right.  Eye of the Beholder started the whole thing.  Had it not been for me and Mary, none of those characters would even exist.

Ruth Ann Nordin says: I’m interrupting Dave just to say that Richard made a good point.  The world does not revolve around Dave, no matter what he thinks.  It wasn’t like he was the one who started me in writing.  I was writing long before he came along.

Dave says: Hmm…  If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be where you are today.  As I recall, no one even knew you existed until Eye of the Beholder came along.

Ruth says: Not true.  More people have read An Inconvenient Marriage.  That was written before your book was.

Dave says: No one ever mentions that one.  They only mention mine.  I think people read An Inconvenient Marriage to find out how horrible it was.

Sally Larson says: Once again, you two are arguing.  Save it for another post and answer Tina’s question!

Dave says: Gladly.  If I were to say I was close to any of my brothers, ironically, it’d be Richard, whom, up to now, hasn’t done anything to bother me.  Tom and Joel are closer than two peas in a pod.  Don’t let their constant bickering full you.  The two like to play all kinds of pranks on others, though it wasn’t recorded in any of the books.  It turns out Ruth didn’t think those pranks added to the plot.  The worst prank was during “A Bride for Tom” when Tom and Joel snuck some beetles into my sack of jerky.  But you didn’t know about it because it was never included.  At least Richard leaves me alone.  I’m not so sure what I think of him now that I know he’s complaining about my books and how unfair it is for my children to get theirs first.

Dave continues:  Anyway, growing up, I was a middle child, and what typically happens with middle children (as it happened to me) was that I disappeared in the background.  Richard was the oldest, so everything he did was “wonderful”.  Tom was always complaining about something, so he got attention.  Joel was “cute” because he was the youngest, and he knew how to play the “I’m the baby of the family” card really well because he got out of doing a lot of chores.  So when it came time for me to leave home, I was happy to be on my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents.  They had a lot to contend with.  It’s not easy raising six children.  Having seven children myself, I can understand how hard it is to give each one your full attention, especially when you’re trying to make a living off the land.  Farming’s been a very rewarding life.  I’d go through it all over again.  It’s not always easy to be dependent on something you can’t control (like the weather), but I’ve learned hard work and patient pays off.  For me, it’s the best life I could ask for.


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