The Viscount’s Runaway Bride is Now Available!

It’s now here!


This is Book 1 in the Marriage by Bargain Series.

I’m going to start this post with a description of the book and where you can get it.  Then, I am going to give an overall view of the series, who features in this book, and I make a special offer that I rarely do.  So be sure to read to the end of this post.


What Lord Worsley really wants is a wife who can excite him, but what he ended up with was an engagement borne of necessity to his sister’s friend. So when Miss Damara Onslow intercepts his carriage on his way to his country estate, he’s immediately drawn to both her bold spirit and her beauty. Even more exciting is the offer she makes: money in exchange for marriage.

More than happy to get out of the marriage he was dreading, he agrees, and soon they are husband and wife. From the moment they exchange vows, it appears as if he’s found the perfect lady, and his marriage is the love match he’s always wanted. But not everyone is happy about it. To make matters worse, he never thought to ask Damara why she was so eager to get married, and the truth might be the undoing of them both.

Where you can find this book:


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A quick view of the series:

I am currently working on Book 2, which is The Rake’s Vow.  Book 2 is going to be Loretta’s story.  Book 3, which is To Snare An Earl, is going to be Celia’s story.  (Yes, I do know that I have a lot of work to do on Loretta and Celia, especially Celia.)  Book 4, which is not titled yet, will be Candace’s story.  I’ll be working on each book back to back.  So as soon as I finish Book 2, I’ll go into Book 3, etc.  I won’t leave you hanging for a long time on what happens next.  This series of books are surprisingly woven together, so what happens in one book impacts the next.  Most series I write aren’t quite so “tightly” related to each other.  At the moment, I’m almost in Chapter 3 in The Rake’s Vow.

Who is in this book that you’ll recognize from past Regency books?

That all being said, this book follows the events that took place in The Earl’s Wallflower Bride.  You’ll be seeing Warren and Iris again.  You’ll also be seeing the two ladies Iris hated (Celia and Loretta).  You’ll also be seeing an old face from the Regency book I wrote called Her Counterfeit Husband.  Candace (who was the heroine’s friend) will finally get her happy ending.

Coupon for a Free Download of Her Counterfeit Husband.  (Offer good until November 28, 2016)

her counterfeit husband

I don’t often make an offer of a free download at Smashwords, but in this case, I am offering a free copy of Her Counterfeit Husband.  So if you haven’t read it yet, you can meet Candace (who is a secondary character).  That way you can get the background into Candace’s story.   It’s only available on Smashwords though.

Here’s the link to the book’s page.   And here’s the coupon you can use to download it for free: HA84F.

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  1. Congrats on the new book coming out!

  2. Shelley Chastagner says:

    Looks like I need to go back and reread Counterfeit Husband. It’s been way to long. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they all weave together.

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