The Stagecoach Bride is Available For A Limited Time (So Grab Your Copy Now If You Want To Read It)

Over on Facebook, there were some people who said they never read The Stagecoach Bride.  Long story short, I handed over the rights to this book to Stephannie Beman.  She has graciously agreed to put the book back up for sale so you can get the original version now.  Remember, I am rewriting this book.  I bought the rights to the characters and the world, but I did not buy the original version.

Here is the original book:

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

The original version is now permanently unavailable. (update made 04/25/17)

However, the new version is expected to be out June-August of 2018!


I’m going to change the title of the book, the cover, and the series so there’s no confusion over which version is which.  

I am going to do a massive rewrite of this book.  It’s going to change about 50-75% of this book.  I have Stephannie’s permission to do this.  I am also going to finish the rest of the series.  Since Stephannie created this world and the characters with me and will be adding historic flavor to the books, her name will be with mine on the author line.

Since I’m changing so much, I am going to give the book a brand new title, a new cover, and a new series name.

The new title will be The Outlaw’s Bride.

The new series will be the Wyoming Series.

The new cover will be featured here when Stephannie’s done making it.

I will add in the description that it’s a rewrite of The Stagecoach Bride to help offset any confusion.

I expect to publish the new version June-August of 2018.  I will also be changing The Rancher’s Wife to The Rancher’s Bride, and yes, I will change that cover, too.

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4 Responses to The Stagecoach Bride is Available For A Limited Time (So Grab Your Copy Now If You Want To Read It)

  1. It’s nice that you can come to an agreement on this and that you’re leaving Stephannie’s name on the books. So are you going back to your normal “spice” level on the rewrite? 😉

    • Stephannie is really easy to work with. I think she’s going to go with a pen name in the rewrite. I am going to go to my normal spice level. Back then, I thought I might want to vamp up the level, and I experimented with this in some of my other books (in addition to this one). Over the last two years, I realized my level just isn’t meant to be that high. I still like spicy content, but I learned that if something doesn’t reveal a new aspect of the character or the relationship, it’s not worth adding. I would much rather have one sex scene that shows some kind of development than a ton of sex scenes that are just there.

      • By the way, when this week is over, I’m going to remind people that I did other anthologies with other authors in case people weren’t aware of it. I thought everyone knew about The Stagecoach Bride. I was shocked to learn they didn’t. I started thinking, “How many people don’t know I did an anthology with Catherine Lynn or Janet Syas Nitstick?” So I hope to do that post next week after the 24th is done.

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