Shane’s Deal (Montana Collection: Book 4) is Now Available!

For those of you who wanted to see the Montana Collection complete, Shane’s Deal is finally here! Thank you for being patient and waiting. 🙂 I know it’s been quite a while since I did Patty’s Gamble. I hadn’t originally planned to do a Book 4, but there were two loose ends that I had to wrap up: Madeline Thompson (who was mentioned in Boaz’s Wager) and the mayor (who got a mention in Boaz’s Wager and Patty’s Gamble).

The series is now complete!

Books in the Montana Collection:

  • Mitch’s Win
  • Boaz’s Wager
  • Patty’s Gamble
  • Shane’s Deal

Shane's Deal new ebook cover

Here’s the description:

Madeline Thompson, the woman the outlaws were looking for at the beginning of Boaz’s Wager (Book 2 in the Montana Collection), has finally arrived in Lewistown, Montana, but no one knew she was coming because she had disguised herself as a man. She was only going to stay in town long enough to get more supplies for her trip to Canada. But then fate intervened with a bullet to her shoulder…and now she’s not going anywhere.

When Marshal Shane Taft discovers Madeline’s true identity, he knows only a desperate woman would take such a big risk in traveling through the wild territory of Montana without a chaperone. That alone prompts him to protect her. Finding out she’s recently widowed and is carrying a child prompts him to propose marriage.

Madeline’s first husband left a lot to be desired. Besides thinking women had nothing worthwhile to contribute but an heir, he was cold toward her. She would say no to the deal Shane is offering, but necessity forces her to marry him. Nothing good can come from being under another man’s thumb.

That is, of course, unless he happens to be the right man.

You can find it at these retailers:

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Note for those who use Google Play: The publisher has uploaded this book, and it says it’s live in the dashboard. BUT the store isn’t showing this book. I’m unable to give you a link. I am having the same problem with a couple of other books I recently put up to Google Play. There must be some kind of glitch going on over there right now. I’m not sure when this will be resolved.

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  1. Mazel tov! Hope it does well.

  2. I really like the cover changes to this series. 😀

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