Things I Learned From Watching Disaster and Horror Flicks

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Today’s post is just for fun. 😀

1. Always dress comfortably. You can’t run well in high heels and a dress.

2. Always charge your phone before you go on a trip.

3. If you hear a strange noise, it’s probably wise to get the heck out of there instead of sticking around to find out what’s coming.

4. If someone leaves you a strange message warning you about something, it’s best to get out of town and never look back.

5. That person following you in the shadows probably isn’t your friend.

6. Don’t ever answer the phone from an unknown number.

7. Don’t sign up for an app telling you when you’re going to die.

8. If there’s some creepy legend about a place, don’t go there.

10. If you’re going on a trip, take a can of gas, a week’s supply of water for everyone in the group, nonperishable and easy-to-open food like military MREs, warm clothing, a Swiss Army Knife, and something to make a fire. A flare gun might also be a good idea so the helicopters can see you easier. Even if you think you have a reliable car, you can’t be too safe.

11. Never leave on a trip without resolving conflicts. The worst things seem to happen to people who fight before leaving. Plus, you don’t want to spend half of your time in peril sobbing because of unresolved relationship issues.

12. If you come to a small town and everyone is staring at you as if you have a second head, don’t stop to eat. Bolt for the next place.

13. Never trust the government. Chances are they’re coming up with some story to cover up their role in something terrible they unleashed upon an unsuspecting population.

14. Be the first one to get out of town. Otherwise, you’re screwed because as soon as everyone discovers the big disaster, they will ALL be trying to get out of town the exact same way.

15. If a horde of people start to come for your car, drive out of there like nobody’s business.

16. If you stop to take a video or get a look at the danger coming your way, you’re probably going to die. Just run and don’t look back.

17. In a storm, a stopped car is a doomed car. Just keep driving.

18. It’s often the best friend who’ll suddenly fall in love and want to sleep with your spouse. Don’t take both on the same trip.

19. Beware children of who are too mature for their age or just stare off into the distance.

20. If you’re babysitting, lock all of the doors and windows AND close all the drapes as soon as you enter the house. Also, never answer the phone or the door.

21. Anything can kill you. Get rid of anything sharp if you end up in a situation that is remotely “strange”.

22. If some weirdo starts spouting off about something evil coming, you might want to take his words into consideration. Many have died from just laughing off a lunatic’s dire warning.

23. Maybe it really is the end of the world. Might as well get to that bunker right now.

24. If aliens do arrive, they will NOT be friendly. Don’t go to the craft with welcome signs. Also, the military is no match for their technology, so the government won’t be saving you. Just get away from the major cities as soon as those UFOs arrive.

25. Genetic manipulation never leads to anything good.

26. Sadly, even a cute cat or dog can be dangerous. Trust your gut. If your pet suddenly seems strange, get rid of it (if possible).

27. Dolls can be creepy. Take one into your home at your risk.

28. Sometimes that goth teen who is a loner has the answers you’re looking for. I don’t know why, but teens seem to be smarter than adults who have had years and years of experience when “something wicked this way comes”.

29. If it came from space, don’t approach it.

30. If you’re rich, you’re probably doomed. People who’ve had to struggle for their whole lives in order to survive are the ones most likely to survive. Befriend the people with the bitter childhood that taught them life is cruel and unfair. Your chances of survival will go way up.

31. Be a prepper if you can. These are the people who always have what you need when the world is falling apart. If you can’t be one, befriend one.

32. Boil water before drinking it if it’s from a lake or other stagnant water. Many have been up all night with diarrhea from the organisms swimming around in that water. Might as well add a water purifier tablet or straw to your gear in Tip #10.


Those are my tips from years of careful study of watching movies that range across the spectrum of science fiction, thriller, and horror. If you have any tips you have, I’d love to hear them!

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    • I didn’t realize how many tropes are in these genres until I made up the list. Then I wondered how many tropes are based on research and how many are made up but passed down from one person to another.

  1. Also, befriend Rami Ungar, so he doesn’t unleash the dragon bats upon you and then right you into one of his stories just for spite, lol.

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