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Inspiration for the Book: Behind Restoring Hope and Bound by Honor Bound by Love (Mandan Weddings)

Mandan Weddings There was the informal way.  The man could bring the woman gifts, and if she accepted them, she could go with him to his lodge or he could go with her to hers.  There weren’t many gifts, and … Continue reading

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Sample Scene Sunday: Restoring Hope

This scene in Restoring Hope has to do with the Mandan culture and their views of getting married.  In Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, there was one way of getting married which I shared in this post.  However, there … Continue reading

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The Evolving Series (Connecting A Chance In Time with The Native American Romance Series)

I recently revised and published the new version to A Chance In Time.   I got an email from someone who didn’t see the point in the revisions I made.  Now, the revisions were very minor–something I tried to emphasize to … Continue reading

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