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Caught a Scammer in the Act

Just to alert everyone, I caught one of the scammers (or maybe even the same one) in the act of their theft. Today on Facebook, a narrator shared “my” audiobook with me on my timeline. I notified the narrator that … Continue reading

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Why Being Different Works in Your Favor (A Post For Writers)

Today’s post is based on the podcast by The Merriweather Council titled Your Market is Not “Too Saturated”, Here’s Why. It’s less than 8 minutes long, so I recommend you check it out. There are a ton of books out … Continue reading

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The Rancher’s Bride is Now Available! (This time the post is published on the correct day. Sorry about the confusion, everyone.)

This is Book 2 in the Wyoming Series. (The Fugitive’s Bride will finish the series, and that will be out August 29.) A quick background into this book… At the end of The Outlaw’s Bride, our main characters in this … Continue reading

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