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Branding (A Post For Writers)

Your brand is how you can stand out. Today’s post is inspired by one of my favorite creators, Creative Hive. She makes handmade craft items, but a lot of her input applies to writers, too. Now I’m going to share … Continue reading

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Shifting Things Around

The past couple of weeks have been a busy time as I tried to rearrange my goals and writing schedule to accommodate them. The other day, I got links from a good author friend on two excellent videos. 1. This … Continue reading

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A Post For New Writers: The Proper Use of Backstory

In my opinion, backstory is one of the hardest things to figure out when you’re starting out. ┬áThere’s a temptation to mention everything to the reader right away. ┬áPart of this stems from figuring out who the characters are as … Continue reading

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