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The best place to hang out with me is on this blog where I mix stuff I’m working on with writing issues that are fun for me to discuss. But I have other places that you might prefer to go to, and I’ll list those below.

Here are the general places you can keep updated on my books:

My website: https://ruthannnordinbooks.com/. This is where I give a quick view of my new releases. (It’s a bird’s eye view of things.)

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82 Responses to Where To Find Me

  1. Lisseth S. says:

    I originally became drawn to your books with Eye of the Beholder, which is one of my favorite ones.
    I’ve enjoyed reading about the Larsons. I believe you do a really good job with all of your books they are the only ones that I have actually re-read and I have gotten many of them. Best of luck.

    • Thank you, Lisseth! The Larsons are my favorite family to write about, so I’m always glad when people tell me how much they enjoy reading about them. What means most to me, however, is knowing you re-read my books. There’s no higher compliment an author can get than that! Thank you for blessing my day! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi, Mistress Book Lover! I am on Twitter. My Twitter page is https://twitter.com/authornordin. What is yours? I’ll follow you.

    Thanks for picking up Eye of the Beholder. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  3. Allyson Billingsley says:

    Hi Ruth Ann, I love your books and am wondering if you would put your new ones on google books to purchase.

    • Hi Allyson, I never created an account at Google Books. My publisher did and put the books I published under them over there. Most of my books are self-published. I don’t know anything about publishing over there, to be honest. Right now I’m asking some authors I know about it, so I’ll see what they say. I was hoping Smashwords or Draft 2 Digital would establish a connection with Google Books so I could use them to get my books there. Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital take books and send them to B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc, but so far, Google Books isn’t on the list. Draft 2 Digital is currently trying to establish something with them. From my initial inquiry into Google Books, it sounds like a distributor is needed. I’m not 100% on that, though, which is why I’m asking around about it.

      Do you buy books through any other retailer, or is just Google Books?

      • Allyson says:

        Hi Ruth Ann, just wondering if you ever heard back from google books. Thanks.

        • I’m still looking at my options. The problem with Google books is that they like to be the lowest price, and Amazon doesn’t like that. Amazon wants to offer the lowest price, too. But with Google books, I can’t control the pricing. At Amazon, I can, but if they find a lower price elsewhere, I can find Amazon removing those books from their store. I’m waiting to see if some other avenues will pop up that can resolve this problem for me.

          • I went ahead and got things rolling at Google Books. I have about sixty books to go through, so I’m taking my time in uploading them over there. I’m trying to be careful with pricing so that it’ll match what I have at other retailers. As I said, the main concern is Amazon. As long as I can price accordingly so that I have the same price as what is at Amazon, there shouldn’t be any problems. I’ll keep an eye on things and see how it goes. I can’t afford to lose my Amazon income, so Amazon will be the priority if an issue comes up. It’s times like this when it’d be nice to have the protection of a publisher. πŸ™‚

  4. Allyson says:

    I prefer to buy through google books because I earn google play credit that I can redeem for books. Thanks for looking into it!

  5. Melody Rogers says:

    Ruth, I love your Regency Series romances. I was wondering if you have a book based on “Candace”. Lord Hedwrett was mentioned in several of your books. I would like to know more about Candace and her life with Hedwrtett after he passed away at the end of Her Counterfeit Husband. Let me know if there is a book in the works on her story. Thanks

  6. Shawna says:


    Do you plan to release any of your books as audio books?

  7. Are you on Facebook or MeWe? I’m not comfortable giving out my email on a public forum. I’ve had issues in the past with a person who started to invade my privacy.

    I know Facebook or MeWe will let you send a picture through their messenger program, but I don’t think there’s a way to send one through this blog.

  8. Yes, it’s me. Tony is my husband. πŸ˜€

  9. Judy says:

    Do you have β€œChristian β€œ characters in any of your novels.

  10. fred tarakinu says:

    Thank i love your book falling in love with her husband

  11. Jay says:

    Hi, Ruth! I love your books! I was just wondering, I started buying your books in paperback recently, as I prefer to own my favorite books in paperback or hardback. However, I noticed quite a few of your books are not available in physical form, only as ebooks. Will all books eventually be available in paperback or hardback?

    • What paperbacks are you talking about wanting to buy? Most of my books are in that format, so I want to make sure I know what you’re interested in. πŸ˜€ I’m glad you love my books. Thank you!

      • Jay says:

        The ones I noticed that weren’t in paperback were a couple of the marriage by fairytale books and “The Outlaw’s Bride”. Really, I would like to own pretty much all of your books! I have read them multiple times and they are some of my favorite stories. Also, I went to buy “Bride of Second Chances” and to buy it in paperback on Amazon it is priced at over $1,000. I love that book, but I don’t know if I can afford that, lol!

  12. Gary Mason says:

    Not sure if you are aware, but a person named “ngene onyedikachi silas” has offered your book “The Reclusive Earl” on ACX for production as an audio book. If you have not authorized this, suggest reaching out to ACX support at ACX.com.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I don’t have audiobooks, nor do I have any plans on making them. This person is trying to scam you.

    • This is what I sent ACX.

      I have received an email from Gary Mason (www.audiomaticvoice.com) and Rhonda Cusumano (Producerrhonda@gmail.com) saying that someone by the name ngene onyedikachi silas wants to make my book “The Reclusive Earl” into an audiobook.

      I’m writing to let you know that ngene onyedikachi silas does NOT have my permission to do this. I don’t know if you have the ability to reach the narrators to let them know ngene onyedikachi silas is scamming them, but I’m making you aware of this situation. I’m sure this person is doing this to other authors, too.

      Then I attached my name, email, etc.

      I got an email the other day from Rhonda and assumed that person was scamming me because the person gave a generic email that didn’t even include my name. I took your comment seriously since you came directly to my blog. I get a lot of scam emails, so it’s hard to tell the real from the fake.

      Now the ball is in ACX’s court.

      • Gary Mason says:

        Thanks for following up, there are far too many scammers these days. It makes it difficult. I suspect ACX will just remove all the titles (there are 3) listed by this individual, but at least it takes him or her out of the mix.

        If you ever DO decide to produce an audiobook, I’d be delighted to audition!

  13. Christopher Pizzey says:

    Dear Ruth,
    I am an audiobook narrator on ACX and I believe someone pretending to be you is holding auditions for 3 of your books β€œWith this ring I thee dread” β€œThe Earls secret Bargain” and β€œHis Wicked Lady” with a view to releasing audiobook versions on Audible. If these are genuine auditions I apologise for the intrusion otherwise I strongly suggest you get in touch with http://www.acx.com to get the titles removed.
    Regards, Christopher Pizzey

    • Hi Christopher,

      Did you notice the comment above from Gary Mason? This person is trying to do another book. I have already been in touch with ACX. This person does not have my permission to do this. I don’t know if it’s the same person (or group of people who are in this scam). I’ll send another email regarding every single book in my catalogue. I have almost 100, so it’s like playing whack-a-mole to send an email about every single title.


    • By the way, how is this person planning to pay for this? Are they trying to arrange a deal where the narrator does this for free with the hopes of getting royalties off of the books? I can tell you right now that my sales on ebooks are pathetic. The narrator and this thief (or group of thieves) are wasting their time because no one is going to buy any audiobooks from stuff I wrote. I’m a nobody author.

    • I doubt it’ll do any good, but here’s the email I just sent:

      “I don’t know who I need to contact about this, but someone out there is trying to make audiobooks on books I hold the copyrights to. The books in question are “The Earl’s Secret Bargain”, “With This Ring I Thee Dread”, and “His Wicked Lady”. They were all written by me (Ruth Ann Nordin), and I have the US Copyright Registration forms if you need proof that I own the copyright to these books. I am NOT making audiobooks. Whoever is submitting these books to be auditions is a thief and a liar. Remove this person (or people) from ACX.”

      That is as far as I can go on this issue. Please notify other narrators that anyone pretending to be me is scamming them. I have no intention of ever making audiobooks.

  14. rowland005 says:

    Please let me know if there is an audio app that has your books on them. I listen to books in the evening and I love your books!!

    • This is a great question, but since I’m new to this, I didn’t know the answer. πŸ˜€ I asked about apps on Facebook, and I found out Audible has one for Audible books, Storytel, Chirp, and Libby. Libby is a library. I didn’t realize that, but I knew there was a library for audiobooks. It looks like Findaway Voices distributes to these places except for Libby, though. I don’t see it on their list. But I do see Audible, Storytel, and Chirp.

  15. Diana Hart says:

    Dear RuthAnn,

    I enjoy reading regency type romances I think because of the costumes, and houses etc. of that time. I have read all of your regency series. I am currently reading the last book in the fairytale series. I enjoyed all of your books until this latest series and quite frankly, the books in the fairytale series have gotten darker and creepier and I just do not enjoy them. If you decide to write Anything of a regency type like your books prior to the fairytale, please let me know.
    Sincerely, Diana Hart

    • Hi Diana,

      I think it might be best to direct you to my newsletter blog which I update once a month. To be honest, I am swamped with family, homeschooling, and everything that goes into writing. I would probably forget to email you to let you know if I have the kind of book you’re looking for. I write historical westerns, too, and those also vary in whether they are funny and cute, tender and sweet, or more of a darker and serious tone. I have no idea what a book is going to be until I’m writing it.

      What I do, however, is mention how the books are turning out as I’m writing them, and I do this on my newsletter blog. https://ruthannnordinnewsletter.com/ While I’m writing the books, I mention what kind of characters are in the book and what kind of story I’m doing. I know some authors know ahead of time what kind of book they’re writing, but I’m not one of them. I have to write it to find out.

      Currently, Nobody’s Fool is a romantic comedy. A Deceptive Wager is a comedy, but halfway into it, it took a more serious (but tender) kind of tone. That was not planned. I thought it would be a comedy the entire way through. It’s not dark. It’s just serious, like a drama. So I guess I would say it’s a serious story with humor added.

      I’m embarking on a new Regency series soon, and I have no idea what to expect from it.

  16. Tricia Johnson says:

    Hi Ruth, don’t know if you will see this message but I just have to get this off my chest. You have been making things very difficult for me financially and time wise. I think I am addicted to your books. I own almost all of your books, that’s not quite true, I don’t own the one you are currently writing. Considering that I live in Jamaica and buy in U.S. the conversion is killing me, but I cannot help myself. I plan on entering a group to see if I can maybe lick this addiction. I also wouldn’t mind more time away from reading because I do like to eat at times but cooking tend to get in the way of reading. Who would have ever thought that a pot hates to be left unattended for too long in the stove. Yup, it gets mad and burn. Well now that I have gotten that off my chest I feel so much lighter.

    • Tricia, this is probably the best comment I’ve ever read on this blog. You have a marvelous sense of humor. I’ve burned things on the stove in my time, but (sadly) I can’t blame it on books. I’m just not that great at cooking.

  17. Sandra Smith says:

    Mrs. Nordin, thank you for your western series. The stories are so good and you don’t put any cursing in them. That is so refreshing. Thank you so much for enjoyable clean books to read.

  18. Sahara Devi says:

    Hiya, Ruth! I have 6 of your books in Overdrive on an old iPad that I’ve been saving to read on a trip. I’ve acquired a new mini and cannot sync. Is there some way you can help? Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Sahara! I don’t use Overdrive, so my knowledge on this is limited. In a search I did on the internet, I found this:

      “The easiest way to get activity to sync between the OverDrive app on two different devices is to create an OverDrive account, and sign into each app with the same OverDrive account, instead of your library card. This will sync up the activity.”

      Are you using the same OverDrive account on both devices?

      • Sahara Devi says:

        Yes. I made a thorough search and attempt to sync, and came to you as a last resort. I can’t remember where/how I acquired the books or why they would be on Overdrive as opposed to Kindle, as it’s a Library app and usually only borrowed books

        • It sounds like you once used Overdrive but don’t anymore or this was so long ago that the books were removed from the digital library shelf. I have no idea how Overdrive works. If you use Overdrive, borrow my books again. It sounds like that should be an option. Regarding other library apps, I have no idea how those work, either.

          My advice is to contact the people at the library platform you’re using about this issue. It’s beyond my tech know-how. Sorry I can’t do more to help.

        • I just noticed the mention of Kindle. Are you talking about Kindle Unlimited (KU)? If so, then my books are not in that program because I’d have to be exclusive to Amazon. I have readers who want to read my books on other places like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Scribd. I do have my books in the Amazon store, and some are free, but the others are ones you have to buy. Until Amazon changes their policy, that is the best I can do.

      • saharadevi says:

        hi, Ruth

        Delighted to report that I persevered and found a way to ‘share’ the files to Kindle

        Saving this series for a trip I’m taking this summer, I’ll let you know how much I’ve enjoyed them…

        Love to you, Sahara

        • Oh, so you were trying to get Overdrive books on your Kindle? I thought you were trying to get Overdrive to sync from your old ipad to your new ipad mini. πŸ˜€ I understand now. I’m glad you were able to do it. I wouldn’t mind having something like Overdrive on my Kindle. I know Kindle can be tricky for uploading some apps. I’ve been unable to get iTunes on my Kindle device.

          • saharadevi says:

            I was, trying to sync. But by moving the books to the Kindle *app* from the Overdrive app they synced on the new iPad. If you’re talking about a Kindle *device,* that’s different than the Kindle *app *that I have on my iPad. I have no idea about the workings of the device.

            Love to you!

            *With Great Love*

            *Sahara* *Bozeman, Montana *

            *www.saharadevi.com * *Facebook:**https://www.facebook.com/sahara.devi *

            On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 7:06 AM Ruth Ann Nordin’s Author Blog wrote:

            > Ruth Ann Nordin commented: “Oh, so you were trying to get Overdrive books > on your Kindle? I thought you were trying to get Overdrive to sync from > your old ipad to your new ipad mini. πŸ˜€ I understand now. I’m glad you were > able to do it. I wouldn’t mind having something like Overdriv” >

            • Okay. I understand what you were doing now. This is why I hate getting new devices. It always seems to be something “extra” you have to do. Sounds like all of that was a pain to go through. I’m glad you managed to prevail!

              • saharadevi says:


                *With Great Love*

                *Sahara* *Bozeman, Montana *

                *www.saharadevi.com * *Facebook:**https://www.facebook.com/sahara.devi *

                On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 11:45 AM Ruth Ann Nordin’s Author Blog wrote:

                > Ruth Ann Nordin commented: “Okay. I understand what you were doing now. > This is why I hate getting new devices. It always seems to be something > “extra” you have to do. Sounds like all of that was a pain to go through. > I’m glad you managed to prevail!” >

  19. Sandra Wells says:

    Dear Mr. Ruth Ann,
    I am also a published author but when I became ill and bed ridden I had give up writing. I now read a lot. I’ve come rather fond of recency style or 18tb century style romance novels. I found your book A Most Unsuitable Earl. I’ve only just began reading it but I am loving it. I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. I’m on a budget but I will find a way to read the entire recency series.

    • I’m sorry to hear you became ill. That’s terrible. I’m glad I can do something to help ease things for you by allowing you a much needed escape. Send me an email at ranalaska (at) yahoo (dot) com sometime. I’d like to send you some coupons to use at Smashwords or Payhip.

  20. Vickie says:

    What happened to the letters from Stephen and his brother Brad?

  21. Julia q says:

    Hi. I fell in love with your writing because of suddenly a bride. I just like how you took a love story and gave it a twist bit I always wondered what happened to his friend. I have read most of your other books I like the series with the Larson. But I still would like to know more about the suddenly a bride series. Did you not like them.

  22. Sharon says:

    Hi Ruth, You might find this funny, while waiting for my brother to finish physical therapy, I was in my car (covid protocall) reading one of your books on my kindle. I came to a part that referred to an incident that happened in an earlier book. I got excited and said , I remember when that happened, outloud. The woman sitting in the car next to me gave me a strange look so I held up my kindle so she could see it.

    • Sharon, that is hilarious! I love it! Thank you for sharing that story with me. When I throw in something that happened in another book, I wonder if anyone knows what incident I’m referring to. You have made my day. πŸ˜€ This is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks again!

  23. Betty Foor says:

    Is there a reading order list anywhere. I purchased several box sets and am trying to read in order. Are book numbers consecutive through all sets?

    • Thanks for the great question! I do have a list of the books in chronological order. It’s at this link: https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.com/complete-list-of-my-books/.

      I have two Regency series that overlap in the timeline. That is the Marriage by Scandal and the Marriage by Design Series. I mention this in that link, but I just realized I haven’t made a box set for the Marriage by Design Series yet. I’ll have to work on that, but it’ll probably be a couple of months. I have a lot going on around the house (wife and mother stuff).

      Regarding the sets themselves, each book in the set is in order.

      I hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      • Betty says:

        Wonderful, thank you. Unfortunately I read Marriage By Fate before discovered the other box sets. Just finished Scandal series and am on Book 1 of Design series. Am totally enjoying them all very much. Hard to relate to wife/family business but am almost 76, retired military (25 years) and substitute teach 2-3 days a week. Am also survivor of 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, CA and still in temporary housing completing reems of paperwork for new housing. Life came be overwhelming. A couple things I would like to mention are that your books have few, to no, spell check errors and your female characters are strong and don’t trip over their own feet. It surprises me how many authors rely on spell check and have weak female characters and the amount of books that have the woman hurt an ankle.

        • Oh wow. You have a lot going on. I remember hearing about that camp fire. How awful! I hope you get our new housing soon. I can’t even imagine going through something like that.

          Thank you for your service in the military. My husband was in the Air Force. What branch were you in?

          I appreciate hearing that about the few errors. I have an editor and go through my books twice before putting them out there. I’m glad to it’s paying off. I try to get everything, but I will stumble upon something later that I have to fix and republish.

          Being a strong woman myself, I just can’t have the weak ones. If there is one who is on the weak side, she needs a man who is a beta hero. I just don’t care for the alpha male type of romances where he tells her what to do. My father-in-law pretty much ran everything for my mother-in-law. Needless to say, I’ve had my share of conflicts with them. It’s okay now, but there was that adjustment process where the in-laws had to get used to me. My husband was drawn to me because I was strong. I think that influences the way I write.

          • betty says:

            Just finished Marriage by ( Design series. Oh my God, A Deceptive Wager is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. The banter between Kitty and Aaron is out of this world. I copy and print outlines of book and keep notes. There were so many conversations between her and him that I highlighted most of the book to make notes. Your series are so great I have a hard time moving to other books I have in my library. Marriage by Fate, The Reclusive Earl is 2nd funniest.

            I spent 14 years in the Navy (65-79) and 11 years Army 6th Army, 91 Infantry (79-92), retired Master Sergeant (E8). We teased that Air Force is spa unit but they have great chow.

            The Camp Fire took all my family history/possessions. I have learned that RV living is not for the faint of heart and can be intimidating to an older gal. There is always tomorrow.

            I have read all your Historica Western Romances, some Contemporry Romances, and An Earl in Time. I did have to research the titles of royalty.

            • Glad to hear you enjoyed A Deceptive Wager! Originally, I thought Kitty was going to prove to Aaron that she wasn’t the lady he thought she was by her quiet and demure behavior, but while writing the scene where she drinks brandy, I knew that she wasn’t going to let him get away with anything. It made the book much more interesting for me to write.

              Thank you for the wonderful compliments. I appreciate them a lot!

              I got a chuckle about the Air Force being teased. Around here, we nickname it the Chair Force. My second son is graduating high school this year, and he signed up for the Marines. He said he wanted something challenging and think the Air Force would fit the bill. I’ve also seen memes about the Air Force members not being able to make a sandwich. I had to chuckle at that because my husband says he doesn’t know how to make spaghetti. πŸ˜€

              The Army and Navy are very cool.

              Oh man, I don’t know if I’d want to live in an RV. That sounds rough. I hope you can get back into a house soon.

  24. Brynnan sowells says:

    Love your books!!! But was wondering in your chance of love series will violet conner get a second chance of love!???

    • Thanks, Brynnan! That’s very kind of you to say. πŸ™‚ At this time, I have no ideas for Violet. We’ll see if any come to mind in the future. I never say “no” to the possibility because sometimes an old character will come back for a story.

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