The Ad Experiment Begins (So Here’s the Baseline)

Alright.  Today my book, His Redeeming Bride, posted on Night Owl Reviews.   I opted to get the $30 Featured Titles ad for the Romance genre page.  This will last for one month.  Here’s the link to see where the ad is located.

The reason I chose to put that book up was because in November, they reviewed it.  I got 5 stars and a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick graphic to put on my website by the book (and made sure I linked to their site of course).  I figure if someone sees that book cover and wants to see if it’s been reviewed on Night Owl Reviews, they search for it and find the review right there.  To date, I consider this my most notable accomplishment as an author.  It’s especially nice after getting slammed with so many 1 and 2 star reviews on my other books.

So now that this is up, I thought I’d establish a baseline to measure whether or not this ad will show any changes in sales pattern.  By changes, I mean an upward trend in sales, of course.

I’m only going to count my Kindle numbers because the ad links to the Amazon page.  Since the link is directly there, I am assuming most people will buy it directly from Amazon.  

So here’s the sales for a couple of months past for His Redeeming Bride.  This is my baseline for running this experiment.

 November = 47 (given: Night Owl Reviews posted the review on Nov. 24.)

December = 41

January (so far) = 42

Disclaimer: This was after the price change from $0.99 to $2.99.  While I was at $0.99, this is what my sales looked like for His Redeeming Bride:

October = 91  (the price change took effect around Oct. 12th or so)

September = 311

August =  372

July = 400

June = 411

May = 179

April = 289

March = 400

Feb = 353

Jan = 95

Some things to note that I found interesting as I created this list:

1. I got ‘discovered’ and started hitting bestselling lists around January – March.  Then, in April, I started dropping off because I had reached my peak.

2.  I published two books last year, and the increase in sales affects the number of sales I made for all my books, His Redeeming Bride being one of them as you can see on this list.  The effect for a rise in sales took about a month to peak.  So I published The Wrong Husband in May and What Nathan Wants in August. 

An interesting thing to note is that The Wrong Husband is a historical (as is His Redeeming Bride).  What Nathan Wants is contemporary, and the rise in sales for His Redeeming Bride was less significant (as was the rise in sales on my other historicals).  So….

3.  Publish a historical, see a rise in other historical titles.  Publish a contemporary, see less of a rise in sales for historical titles.  What do I gather from this?  That I’m hitting two different markets: one who prefers historicals and one who prefers contemporaries.

4.  However–and this is the most interesting thing to note–my contemporaries do better overall in the periods where I’m not publishing anything. 

For example…

Dec – What Nathan Wants = 69

Dec – With This Ring, I Thee Dread = 96

Jan – What Nathan Wants (so far) – 52

Jan – With This Ring, I Thee Dread (so far) – 71

Compare those for my sales of His Redeeming Bride, and His Redeeming Bride is one of my better historical sellers.

Conclusion:  If I really want to make money, I should be writing contemporary romances instead of historical romances.  This is why I’m only writing contemporary erotic romances under my pen name.

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