If A Book Is Not On My Website, Don’t Buy It

This is background info and yes, it is important:

Once upon a time (in 2002), I began self-publishing, but back then, I used vanity presses.  I paid them to take my manuscript, reformat it, put a cover on it, and put it onto the online bookstores such as Amazon, B &N, etc.  They slapped a ridiculously high price tag on them (usually around $15).  I continued on with vanity presses until about the Spring of 2008.  The Cold Wife was the last book I paid them to publish for me.

And then one day I was on Authonomy in the discussion boards when I stumbled upon this strange new concept of publishing your books for nothing.  This was not something I knew about before, so I paid attention and even asked April Hamilton (I’m sure most indie authors have heard of her ;)) about Lulu and CreateSpace. 

That is how I discovered uploading my manuscripts to the Internet instead of paying a vanity press to do it for me.  I then spent the next six months learning the tricks of formatting an interior book file, making a cover via a software program I bought, and formatting ebooks. 

It was during this time, I also discovered my purpose as a writer.  I originally started out with the intention of writing Christian Romances.  If anyone’s read Todd’s Bride, you’ll see how I was doing in this pursuit.  It was my first Christian Romance.  An Inconvenient Marriage, An Unlikely Place for Love, and The Cold Wife followed suit.  This is why there’s such an emphasis of God in those books, which you can still see in the revised versions I wrote).

But then after much prayer and not feeling content with the direction I was going, I realized I was not meant to write Christian Romances as they are classified by the publishing industry.  I wanted to approach some edgy topics (like a redeemed man who once frequented a whore house in His Redeeming Bride and a prostitute who was looking for a new start in life in Loving Eliza).  There’s no way the Christian Romance market would accept those characters, and quite frankly, I was getting bored with how unsexy the Christian Romance books are.  It was also during this time, I realized I wanted more spice in my books than previously written.  I also didn’t want to get as preachy as I was in Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom.

I also decided I wasn’t happy with Winning The Heart of Adrienne and Can’t Help Falling In Love.  Those were in need of serious rewrites, though the plot stayed the same.

Which brings me to the why of doing book revisions…

I made attempts to change my books through the vanity presses, but they wouldn’t let me.  They said I had to publish a new book.  I tried removing all those titles by phone, by email, and by snail mail.  This was all pointless.  To this day, those books are still available.  Grrr….

At this time, no one knew who I was.  I wasn’t selling any books, and I had a total of 30 hits to my website (no blog) and those hits came from curious family members and a couple of friends.

So I had room and time to change those books. 

I spent a few months going back and rewriting or doing light revisions on all those books previously mentioned.  Since Winning the Heart of Adrienne and Can’t Help Falling In Love had drastic changes, I renamed those books. 

Winning the Heart of Adrienne is now Romancing Adrienne.

Can’t Help Falling In Love is now With This Ring, I Thee Dread.

Do not get the original versions because the originals sucked.  Take my word for it.  They really do.  Why?  Because I rushed through them.  I wrote them before they were meant to be written.  I haven’t rushed my books since then, so the lesson was learned.

I rewrote and combined Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom to get rid of the preaching and to add the sex.  I also thought it was nuts to have two separate books for one story. 


Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom are now Falling In Love With Her Husband

The Cold Wife had about 1/4 of the book removed (the part that made Carrie unlikable to a lot of my readers early on), and I added the sex scene.  But since this book pretty much stayed the same, I kept the title, except I added ‘The Revised Version’ under the title.


The Cold Wife (with the blue cover) is now The Cold Wife: The Revised Version (with the purple cover)

An Unlikely Place for Love and An Inconvenient Marriage had light revisions and sex added to them.  I believe it is one sex scene per book. 


An Unlikley Place for Love (with the cover of blue eyes at the top and cowboy at the bottom) is now An Unlikely Place for Love: The Revised Version (with the cover of the blond woman tipping her hat and the cattle toward the bottom)

An Inconvenient Marriage: The Keeping of Jake Mitchell (with the blue cover with roses in the center) is now An Inconvenient Marriage (with the cover of the lower half of the bride holding the flowers).

Yes, I am aware the language is too modern in An Unlikely Place for Love, The Cold Wife, and An Inconvenient Marriage.  However, I have 6-8 books I’d like to publish this year (3 under my pen name and the rest under my real name).  So I am not going back to do anything else with those books.  If the majority of people think they suck, fine.  They will just have to suck.  Those are the ones I get the most 1 and 2 star reviews on.

There comes a time when an author has to just say, ‘Live and learn and move on.’  I also have other books, in addition to the ones I got planned for this year, to write, so I am not wasting anymore time on past books.  What’s done is done.  I don’t care how many people suggest I go back and redo them.

So that is why I say if the book isn’t on my website, don’t buy it.  😀

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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  1. You have so much more patience than I do! Once I finish it I have to say ‘this is finished” and never read it again. ha ha! If I do read it again, then I want to start editing…. 😉

    • lol Isn’t it sad that it’s our own books we get the least excited about reading? I think it’s because we’ve proofed and edited it to death. When I make myself read what I wrote, it’s not so bad, but getting started is awful. I’ve had to resist the urge to go back and rewrite the way those people were talking in my early romances because I cringed every time I heard someone say something that is clearly too modern, but yeah, it’s like…’Let it go, Ruth. Let it go.’ I repeat this to myself a lot.

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