Can’t Get Myself To Write

And this proofreading is a major pain in the you-know-what.  Ugg. 

I feel like I’m climbing up a mountain.  The snow and wind are pounding into me, hurling me backwards, and no matter how many times I get back up, I get thrown back.  So I’m really at the bottom of this mountain.

It’s not because I need a break.  I’ve been on break for over a month now.  I’ve done no new writing beyond a couple hundred words in a span of…what…two days?  All those posts I  have going up with what I’ve done for my first draft blogs were things I wrote back in November.  November, people!  November!  As in, December and this month have been flops.

I got a little leeway, but not much.  My pen name’s first draft blog only has enough in waiting to post to get me through a week.  After that, I have to get writing.  Maybe 500 words a day will be doable. 

Return of the Aliens is at a standstill.  I can’t get beyond the half of novella 5.  *sigh*  

I have Brave Beginnings done (thank God) and am just posting a bit every day.  That will last for a couple months, according to my calculations.  And after that, I planned in a month long break to rest up.

So I’ve readjusted my plan for Feb. I will concentrate on getting 500 words a day done for my pen name and proofread Bid for a Bride and Brave Beginnings.  I’m pushing the writing of Return of the Aliens to March.  

This is not good.  I’ve written new material while proofing books before.  My problem is that I can’t get motivated to write.  I imagine it’ll be a painful experience to do the 500 words a day.  As much as I love the story, I am hating the thought of writing anything right now.

Every time I sit at the computer to write, I get a headache and my brain ‘shuts down’.  I get extremely tired.  I get up to do something else, and I feel good again.  You know you have a problem when you’d rather clean a toilet than write something.

Now, when I say write, I mean creative writing for stories.  I can blog my little heart out all day long and still have more to ramble on about.  So it’s not all writing that is blocked.

I sense there’s something emotional going on.  It could be I’m emotionally drained.  That’s harder to bounce back from than physical exhaustion.  I just am not sure where the exhaustion is coming from.  When I think I know what it is, I resolve that issue, but then I realize it wasn’t the problem.  So I don’t know what to do.  I hope this problem can be dealt with by March 1 when I’m due to jump right back into writing.

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4 Responses to Can’t Get Myself To Write

  1. It could also be a sign of depression. This has been a rougher winter than usual and–let’s face it–we’re not getting any younger. Everything changes over time. This has been a terrible winter for SAD for me–not even the meds seem to be doing much lately. (Probably tmi, but I don’t hide it.)

    I hope you find your motivation to write again.

    • That’s probably what it is. It doesn’t help that it’s snowing and windy and I’ll be out shoveling yet again. I’m so glad I went grocery shopping today so I can take days to shovel myself out if I need to.

      It seems last winter and this winter have been esp. rough. Have you been sick most of this winter? I have. I’m still stuffy, and this started shortly after the 1st right after we all got well again. I can’t seem to clear my sinuses which probably contributes to the headaches and feeling of being tired.

      I hate getting older. 😛

  2. Yeah, I’m in the same boat, and I don’t know why. When i actually write I enjoy it, and I know i want to but then I sit down to do it and run away to “goof off” somewhere else (like superpoke pets, for instance or netflix.)i need to just make myself do it, but the minute I think that, then I rebel and don’t want to do it because i know I should… *sigh* glad to know I’m not the only one, though :p

    • I can think of about a dozen things I’d be more willing to do at this point than write. I think it hit it on the head. Maybe it’s because now it’s something we ‘should’ do that makes it so mandatory we’ve lost sight of the fun side of it.

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