7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Person (Plus 3 Other Habits That Are Pretty Bad Too) by Aaron G Niz

I finished this book last night, and it was the funniest book I can remember ever reading.  I left a review on Amazon and a couple other sites, and I was surprised that some people thought his book was a little on the dark and cynical side.  I think Aaron G Niz’s use of humor will either appeal to you or it won’t.  If you tend to take yourself and life too seriously, I can see why this book might be a turn off. 

But if you can look at your past mistakes and laugh it off, understanding that we’re only human, then you probably have enough of a sense of humor to enjoy this book.  The author uses a lot of humor.  Some is blatant; some is subtle.  But I think it works well for the type of parody this is.

Here are the habits…

1. Sleep Late

2. By Cynical

3. Sabotage Yourself at Every Turn

4. Don’t Set Goals, Don’t Plan

5. Disappoint Those Who Think They Know Your True Potential

6. Associate With Unsavory Characters

7. Quit School (Or Better Yet, Don’t Start)

8. Find an Addiction – It’s Easier Than You Think

9. Don’t Learn From Past Mistakes

10. Blame Your Problems on Others

If you can look at this list and chuckle, you’re probably going to enjoy this book. 

I’m going to give an excerpt that was my favorite part of the whole book…

“Isn’t the United States founded on the premise that we’re all equal, and doesn’t education help to make that premise a reality?  The short answer to that question is a resounding NO.  The United States is a gigantic country with a population of at least a thousand people! (My comment: I love this number!)  It’s a little too big for everyone to be on equal footing.  When the Pilgrims founded this corner of the globe, they landed here with maybe seven or eight do-gooders.  Back then it made sense to try to have a system of equality.”

So look, the author also pokes fun at himself, and that’s part of the humor in this book. 

This is the review I posted up on Amazon, B & N, and Goodreads:

I can’t remember the last time a book made me laugh as often, or as hard, as this one. Sure, some books are mildly entertaining and earn a chuckle or two, but this one had me laughing all the time.

Even better, this is a dual purpose book. This book isn’t just for those who aspire to be ineffective, but it’s for their loved ones too. I know of a certain individual, and all along I thought encouraging him to reach his full potential was helping him. Boy, was I ever wrong! Now I see that this person is following the 10 habits on purpose. It’s all being done by design. The author would be proud.

So next time you think of the loved one in your life whose big goal of the day is to finish a bag of potato chips in ten minutes or who can sleep for 12 hours and claim they need a nap after only being up for two hours, you’ll know why. These people are following the 10 habits.

The only type of person who won’t enjoy this book is someone who lacks a sense of humor. For the rest of us who don’t take life too seriously, this is well worth reading.

The book is only $0.99 and can be found on the Kindle at this link or at B & N at this link

To learn more about the author, check out his blog: http://epubmanifesto.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Ha ha! If my brother read ebooks I would SO get him this! It sounds perfect for him 😉 LOL!!

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