Return of the Aliens: the music I assign to it and having to add a romantic scene

Today I spent most of the day with a writer friend who was critiquing what I have written so far in Return of the Aliens.  I have to go back into novella 5, which I thought I was done with, and add a scene.  It’s not a major scene, but I do think it’ll add nicely to the romantic subplot.  I know.  the romance doesn’t really take off until novella 5, but the focus is on the thriller aspect.  So what I’m really going for is that ‘on the edge of your seat’ sensation.  She said that’s how she felt, so that was pretty cool. 

I am having fun with this novel.  I see it as a movie as I write it.  Whether that comes off sounding lame or smart, I don’t know, but I do have a ‘soundtrack’ that goes with it.  For anyone familiar with Muse, they sing some songs that work nicely with the type of book I’m writing.  (And yes, I’m aware they are often linked up to the Twilight series, but I figure this is my book and I can assign whatever songs I want to it. :P)   In case anyone is interested, here are the key songs that go with my book (and yes, they’re all by Muse):

Apocalypse Please

Time is Running Out

Supermassive Black Hole (I consider this Devon’s song)

Uprising (Yeah, it was the theme to the new V series too.)

Butterflies & Hurricanes (Autumn waking up to the reality around her)

Fury (Keegan’s theme–the Reptoid disguised as a human who torments Devon)

MK Ultra (I see this as happening at the end of novella 2 where Devon remembers what they did to him at Dulce)

Unintended (my love song for the two who fall in love–if you’ve read the novellas up to this point, you know who they are but just in case, I won’t say in this post)

Cave (becomes Alex’s theme toward the end)

Exogenesis I (the war in Heaven come to Earth at the climax of the whole book)

Exogenesis III (the resolution; final scene of the book)

So what compelled me to write that list out?  Well, I am stalling.  I have to go back and write that romantic scene, and for some reaon, my mind is in ‘thriller’ mode, not romance mode, so this is proving to be a challenge at the moment.  Crazy, I know.  A romance author having trouble writing a romance scene.  I think the reason I’m having trouble is because that’s not this book’s focus.  I’ve mostly hinted and sidetracked a lot of the lead up to the budding romance, but my writer friend suggested I put something more obvious in, and she’s right. 

BTW, this romantic scene is just a date.  I do still believe dates can mean dinner and a movie.  The most that is going to happen is a kiss.  So in the midst of this thriller where I want my readers to be on edge, I’m inserting a quiet scene into it.  Who knows?  Maybe this will be good.  People can take a moment to breathe.  😉  But the tension picks back up in the very next scene.  Anyone who knows me understands that I loathe sagging middles. 

I’ll shorten the length of a book before I put myself to sleep writing it.   I skim some of the books I read due to sagging middles, so I have to make each scene count or it’s not worth putting in.  Ironically, even at the pace these scenes are at, this thing is 100,000 words, give or take a couple thousand.  And to think I started this book off as a 15,000 word novella back in December 2009.  I know.  Crazy, isn’t it?  I’ve been working on this sucker for over a year.  Back then, I thought I could be done in three or four novellas.  Boy, how wrong I was!  I’m hoping to finish it up in seven novellas.  If it overflows into an eighth one, I’ll let it.  I know I can’t rush the ending.

Okay.  Enough procrastinating.  Time to go back and insert the scene.

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  1. They say that a good quiet scene is a good thing. I’m never sure when I am writing (I am always thinking “let’s go, let’s go! action, sex! excitement! shut up people!”) but when reading I’ve noticed them in other books in a good way and thought “that went well there!”

    Ha ha! Yes!!! soundtracks! I do this all the time!! In fact back in the day when i was writing Wednesday’s Child (that horrible mess of a book 😉 ) I spent a week taping songs off the radio and making a mix tape soundtrack 9which being a hoarder I still have…) But now I have mp3 lists for every one and everything. HIM figures prominently in the vampire books 😉

    • lol ‘Action! Stop talking! Sex! Let’s go!’ I love this. I’m often thinking that way too. Otherwise the book starts to drag.

      I am curious about Wednesday’s child. What was the plot?

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