My Interview at The Creative Penn

This isn’t up on The Creative Penn ( yet, but Joanna Penn has already edited it and uploaded it to You Tube.  She did a great job editing, btw, because at the end, my kids were buzzing around me, and in this video you’d never know they were in the house.  

Anyway, I thought I’d pass it along for anyone interested.  She is in Australia, and I’m in Nebraska, US, so we had a few issues with the Skype connection.  Overall, though, it turned out pretty well.  And yes, I do feel like a dork and am thinking of all the things I should have said but blanked out on.  lol  This is all a part of the process.  😀

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to or check out
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18 Responses to My Interview at The Creative Penn

  1. Christina Busby says:

    REALLY pleased with how it turned out. First time ive ever heard you talk! 🙂 Nicely put!

  2. Christina Busby says:

    LOL. You are NOT a dork! 🙂 Your very good! I loved how you put ur readers in it. 😉 LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Then again I love everything you do~ 😛

    • Without your and other readers’ support and encouragement, I don’t think I would have been able to keep going during some rough patches last year. I have a lot of fun because of you guys. 😀

  3. Christina Busby says:

    AWWW! Thats sweet to know that we helped ya! lol. 😛 I am glad ur through the rough patches. 🙂
    I am sooo glad you to have met you, and that you took the time to write me back 😀

  4. Christina Busby says:

    Glad you think so… seriously thought of “disappearing” for a while. :/ maybe get rid of it altogether.

  5. Christina Busby says:

    awww lol… I would still talk to you. lol.. lollllllllllll I am NOT going ANYWHERE right now 🙂

  6. Christina Busby says:

    Not yet. But they did on my last one. I am SICK of it. and they do in real life.

  7. Christina Busby says:

    I tell ya ruth I AM SICK OF IT. 😦 I am doing the best I can and it doesnt help when people say I am an ungrateful person. They tell me NOT to worry about ANYTHING and that it will be fine. I am just tired of it all… Makes me want to just “diappear!” 😦 Sorry I hush now. I am on your blog griping.

    • These people don’t have everything on their plate the way you do. You have the stress of your husband getting weaker every day, and they do not. You have college to juggle with your husband’s health problems and a child to care for and the task of getting medical care. Of course, these people are going to tell you to not worry and that everything will magically be okay. They don’t have the problems you do. It’s easy to be optimistic about someone else’s situation.

      I’d get sick of it too. I’m not you, but when I see what those people are saying (‘Just lift it up in prayer.’ ‘Have a good outlook.’ ‘It’s all in God’s hands’. blah, blah, blah), it makes me mad. Granted, God is in control and is with you through it all, but my gosh, it doesn’t always FEEL that way. There are times when I just want to reach out across the computer screen and slap some of them.

  8. Christina Busby says:

    lol GLAD I am not the only one. lol 😉 See now why I want to just disappear?!? lol I may go under my Sallywhoseittoya lolol Yes I have a invisible name that I use when I just want to disappear!

  9. Christina Busby says:

    lol this is true. Sallywhoseittoya is a real name I use on fb when I just want to get away lol 🙂 SAD. sometimes I just want to crawl in a corner and die so much better then being criticized everywhere I turn. You know you and Lizzie are the only people who have NEVER criticized me and your the FIRST one to ever stand up for me. 😦

    • Well, next time someone gives you grief on FB, send me their way and I’ll pitch in a word on your behalf. You should be able to vent. Venting is normal. Like those holier than thou types don’t have their bad days! *rolls eyes*

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