Picking Up Where I Left Off, Why I Need to Write Offline, and Linking Books Together in a Series

Fortunately, I was able to do some actual writing for the last two days.  On Thursday, I managed 266 words to finish up the scene I started in Bride of Second Chances.  Yesterday, I wrote 1500 words.  It felt good to start flexing the creative muscles again.  Claiming Lexie is sort of screaming at me to write but not to the point where it’s distracting so I’m putting it on hold.  I really want to finish Bride of Second Chances because I’m only 15,000 to 20,000 words away from being done.  My goal is 15,000 words.  That’s not really a lot.

But–and here’s the catch–I won’t post anything until I am finished with the entire thing.  I’ve learned my lesson on this one.  I can’t keep posting as I write it.  From now on, I will be writing the story offline, finish it, and then posting it at 500 words a day.  Meanwhile, I can work on other projects without the stress of knowing a lot of people are going to read what I write that day.  It’s amazing how much I watch myself when I know people will be reading what I’m working on that day.  I held back in Restoring Hope because of it.  I won’t go into detail, but it wasn’t as I truly envisioned it to be.  Perhaps that is why it barely sells.  That, and contrary to popular belief, very few people are interested in the Native American romances out there. 

On the first draft blog under Ruth, I also held back on A Bride for Tom, believe it or not.  My original intention was to show the wedding night (and it would have been funny since Tom has a tendency to be clumsy around Jessica), but after the rounds of complaints on ‘sex’ I got, I chickened out.  As you can see, I wrote A Husband for Margaret shortly after and put the sex in.

Now, I didn’t hold back at all in Bid for a Bride.  At that point, I figured I don’t care who likes it or not, I’m following where the characters are leading me.  Bride of Second Chances has been following the same track, but I still have to fight the urge to freeze up and censor myself.  With Kate Page, it’s easy.  People know what they’re getting into over there since we’re talking erotic romance, but romance is so broad that it’s hard to pinpoint a certain heat level.   People know that in erotic romance, there is a certain heat level.  (But since there are a wide range of sexual activities in erotic romances, I will specify that mine only have masturbation when the characters are single and explicit sex when they are married.  So they are a lot like my Ruth books–just with more spice.)

Anyway, I do plan to make Ruth books spicier with the sex, but not erotic romance spicy.  So what you read in Bid for a Bride and what I have so far in Bride of Second Chances is what I plan to do in the future.  But to help keep the creativity flowing, I need to do this offline. 

Back onto the topic I was talking about before, I am now at the point in Bride of Second Chances where Addy is getting ready to take Jeremy and Jane out to see Eliza.  And this was one of those parts where I froze up on, too.  It’s not just sex scenes that make me freeze up a bit.  I also freeze up on highly-charged emotional scenes like a mother and son being reunited after she gave him up for adoption years ago. 

It wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t spend two books (Loving Eliza and Bid for a Bride) with this as an underlying theme to the series.  When there’s so much riding on an encounter like this, it puts a lot of stress on me to write this in front of people (which is how I feel when I post it that day).  The same is true for Onawa and Citlali in book 3 of the Native American Romance series.  I spent two books building up to their marriage, and it’s stressful thinking that you’ll have to make the emotional buildup work.  The same will also be true for Isaac’s Decision because I’ve been working up for that book ever since the scene between Neil, Mary, and Dave at the end of Eye of the Beholder where Dave gets Mary off the train and confronts Neil.  A lot of people have emailed me and left reviews saying they didn’t get the point of that scene.  Well, no you’re not going to get the point of it until you read Isaac’s Decision.  There are some things I slip into a book that isn’t intended for that book.  It’s intended for a future book. 

I have the overall picture in mind for my series when I write these books, and since I only disclose this on my blog, most people don’t know it and judge my books based on it as ‘irrelevant information’ when the truth is, it’s very relevant.  The same is true for A Chance In Time.  People wondered ‘what about those orphans at the end?’  Well, guess what, those orphans came from Woape’s tribe and will show up again in book 3.  That is where I’ve been heading with all of it.  I gave a clue that Penelope would see Woape again at the end of A Chance In Time, but a lot of people missed it.  I’m not blaming it for it.  I’m just saying that when I write one book, I do have a bigger view of the books that will follow.

So you see, it all weaves together like a quilt.  That’s the whole point of the series.  And I am going to write about these characters’ children.  So Jeremy and Jane’s child will probably meet up with a Larson kid and get married.  So expect to see the series to intertwine with each other.  I figure whatever state the characters will live in will determine which series it’s in or I might name the series something other than a state like ‘Nebraska series’.  I haven’t decided what to do yet.  The good news is, I got another year before I have to give it serious thought.

Anyway, that’s why I have to take my writing offline and post it when it’s done.  😀

Sorry to ramble on so much in that post.

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7 Responses to Picking Up Where I Left Off, Why I Need to Write Offline, and Linking Books Together in a Series

  1. mitchelle says:

    Do anything you want Ruth! 🙂 just don’t be long because we’ll be so excited and i might jump on my feet when i saw a message in my inbox that you already posted something! lol!

    i’m so excited for your upcoming books… can’t wait! 🙂
    i think i’ll just read one of your books again so i’ll have something to do while waiting for the new ones. 🙂 i don’t want to read anything that isn’t your work as of now because my mind keeps drifting on what you’ll write in your books!!! hahaha!!

    • LOL Thanks. I know how you feel. When I discover a new author and have read all of his/her books, I don’t know what to read. lol

      • mitchelle says:

        i know right? 🙂 anyway i’ve decided that i’ll just read An Unlikely Place for Love. you’re right i agree with you that it is better as a historical. but it’s still good don’t worry. 🙂

  2. Shame on you~ rambling on like that! eep cant wait to read more of your stories and if people are upset over changes in the blog they can buy your book or Click Click Click

  3. do what you need to to make it work 😉

    i know my trouble is I tend to go for “all or nothing” so I have trouble juggling too many projects!

    • Me too. It never seems like it’ll take that much time when I set my mind to do them. You know, there is no pressure from my end, right? I never want to add to the stress load. 😀

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