Giving Suddenly a Bride (aka Life Mate) back to Kate Page

This is the summer where I am figuring out the way I should go or not go with some of my books.  I guess each year brings something new to learn.  I know I’m going to get some questions wondering why I am going make Suddenly a Bride (aka Life Mate) a Kate Page book, so I thought I’d answer it ahead of time in this post. 

I’ve been tracking the emails and sales I’ve been bringing in on my books for the past few months, and there’s a trend I’ve noticed which I’ll explain.  People are most interested in my historical westerns.  This means I have branded “Ruth Ann Nordin” as a historical western romance author.  Fortunately for me, I love writing historical westerns more than any other genre.  😀

I’m thinking of converting my idea for Just Good Friends to a historical western in the Nebraska series.  I might change the title.  I don’t think the title would work well as a historical. 

So, I’m writing all of my future contemporary romances under Kate Page.  Kate Page’s work will be erotic romances because I sometimes want to read a book with spicier content than what I do in my historicals, and as weird as it may sound, I prefer contemporary romances to be spicier than the historicals I read.  They say to write what you want to read, and I figure I might as well follow that rule.  I will still focus on married couples.  And when I say erotic romances, I mean a husband and wife with very steamy sex scenes that are more frequent than what I write in my historicals.   I figure I’d give everyone a heads-up in case you’re not into the type of erotic romances I plan to write.  (I know the genre is a broad one, so I wanted to specify the kind I’m writing.)

Now, just so I don’t wear myself out (again) by having books under two different names, I’ve decided I’m going to occasionally make a post over there.  For the most part, I will leave the Kate Page site and blog alone.  I’m still keeping the Runaway Bride picture and title because I like it more than Claiming Lexie. 

But I like Life Mate and the cover that went with it better than Suddenly a Bride, so I’ll go with those.  I understand how changing my mind like this confuses everyone, and I apologize for that.  I’m going to work on getting Life Mate up tonight.

*Just to clarify With This Ring, I Thee Dread and What Nathan Wants will remain contemporaries under “Ruth Ann Nordin.”

**If you’re interested in Kate Page, here’s the website featuring those books:

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