Update on Books and Books I Plan to Write

1. Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision

I’m happy with the progress of Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision.  I hope everyone understands that both of these books are not lighthearted romantic comedies.  I know the interviews are comedic, but that’s because my characters are giving me a hard time.  😀  I just don’t want people to read Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision and tell me how they’re disappointed because they expected a comedy.  There might be some funny moments in the books, but they aren’t comedies. 

2.  Sally’s romance

I’m still thinking of a title.  Once I get the title, I think getting the book cover will be easier.  I have a picture already in mind of something that might work.  If not, I can use this for another book.

I was thinking it might be nice to have Sally in the title.  Sally’s Planned Wedding, Sally’s Deception, or maybe even Filling In For the Bride since her friend might talk her into being the one who elopes with Rick.  I’m not sold on anything yet.  I think Rick’s love interest will be one of her friends who isn’t interested in him.  Maybe this friend even introduces Sally to Rick in hopes of starting something but Rick doesn’t fall for it and Sally does.  Hmm… The Bridal Mix Up or something to that effect might work for a title.  I’d love to use The Husband Trap, but that has already been done.  (As a side note: I have the book The Husband Trap but haven’t read it yet.) 

And just so everyone knows, I have no intention of doing Richard  and Amanda’s story.  Richard is one of the Larsons, but he’s never caught my interest for some reason.  I plan to move him, Amanda and their kids back east to take care of Amanda’s parents in Shotgun Groom.  That way I don’t have to worry about them when I get into the second generation of Larsons and their friends.  So I plan to write about more than Dave and Mary’s children.  I’m just starting with Isaac and seeing what happens from there.

3.  Just Good Friends

I’ve been tossing ideas around on what to do with this book.  I can use part of the idea in a historical, but the actual plot needs to be contemporary for the full thing to work.  I’ll have to move this over to a Kate Page book.  I realize some of you aren’t going to like that, but there’s nothing else I can do to save it.  I have to stick with historicals for the name Ruth Ann Nordin because I’ve spent so much time building up the historicals that people aren’t interested in the contemporaries.  I realize a few are, but not enough are to make it worth my time and effort to promote them under Ruth.  Make sense?  It’s all about keeping things separated for the different genres. 

Looking back, I should have made a different pen name for the Return of the Aliens book I wrote.  Maybe I’ll make my next sci-fi thriller under a pen name.  I’m not going to worry about Return of the Aliens and the fact it’s already under Ruth, just as I’ll leave the two contemporaries I got (With This Ring, I Thee Dread and What Nathan Wants) under Ruth.

4.  Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

I’m not in any hurry to write this one.  I’ll get to it here and there as I’m inclined.  I have just a little more interest in the Native American Romances than I do the contemporaries, which only means I get about two more sales a month on the Native American Romance books.  While writing a book isn’t all a focus on money, I use sales to figure out what people are most interested in.  So when I look at the trends of sales, I’m looking at what books are in the biggest demand.  The emails I receive back up the sales’ records, so this only reinforces the books I need to focus on.

5.  Book I am Going to Focus On

Hands down the historical westerns, especially the Larsons, are my most popular books.  It’s fortunate for me that I love writing these books more than the others.  And who knows?  Maybe it’s because I enjoy writing historical westerns the most that I end up with people more interested in them, too.  It could be that my passion shows more in those books. 

Toward the end of this year, I’ll make a tentative plan on what books I’d like to write.  That list does end up changing once I get to the summer.  It’s hard to know what will or won’t interest me once I get past a few months.  I might just do a six-month plan instead of a full-year one.  A friend of mine recommended doing a year plan in advance to stay organized, but who are we kidding?  I haven’t been organized ever since I had kids.  😛  This is why I’m end up changing my mind so much about what books I want to write next.  Sometimes I know and sometimes I don’t.

Right now, I’m working on Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision.  I hope to get Shotgun Groom out in December.  Isaac’s Decision will be in Feb. or March, but I’d like to get it out in Feb.  Then I want to work on Sally’s romance and probably another book featuring the Larsons or a friend or family member.   I plan to branch out to as many characters as I can, and I will bring in Joseph and Margaret’s children.  After working through the birthdays, I figure Doug and Bob (Joseph and Margaret’s oldest boys) can fight over one of Tom and Jessica’s girls.  Then as I’m writing Isaac’s Decision, I thought Emily’s friend Alice could be ready to marry Ben (another son of Joseph and Margaret).  Eva who is Joseph and Margaret’s second daughter is interested in Isaac in Isaac’s Decision, but of course, he won’t end up with her.  He’ll end up with Emily.  So that leaves the future open to do Eva’s romance.  Then I’d like to bring in Jonathan (who was married to Marcy in Bride of Second Chances) so he can remarry one of the Larson girls as a widow with two children.  I decided Marcy will die in childbirth. 

Those are examples of where I’m headed with the Nebraska series.  It’s going to be over ten books.  I just don’t know by how much yet.  So I have plenty of ideas for the series, and if I average six books a year, I can easily go on this series for a two or three years easy.  But I’m going to write them as I’m interested in them instead of worrying about writing them in the chronological order.  I just can’t force a story.  🙂

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