Interview with Joel Larson (Hero in Shotgun Groom)

Before doing this interview, I thought it’d be fun to do a snippet from Shotgun Groom where our poor hero learns he is about to be married off.  This happens in chapter 3.  Joel Larson is the doctor’s assistant and has been sent to April Edwards’ house to check on her thirteen-month-old daughter, Nora.  Sep is April’s twelve-year-old brother.  Okay.  Now that I set the stage, here’s the snippet from the story.


            “It’s time to get breakfast going.” April took Nora in her arms and carried her down the stairs.  When she reached the kitchen, she set the girl in a highchair and turned to the shelf to grab the flour.  “Do you want pancakes this morning?” she called out to Sep who brought in a bucket of water from the well out back.

“That sounds good.” He placed the bucket on the work table.  “The temperature’s dropping out there.  I think we’re in for a snowstorm.  Hopefully, the doctor’s assistant will make it here.”

“Even if he doesn’t, Nora’s on the mend.”

“I’d still like him to come out here.”

Surprised by the determined tone in his voice, she eyed him.  “What’s going on with you?”

He shrugged and turned to the cook stove.

“I already put the cow chips in there.” She placed the sack of flour and large bowl on the table.  Putting her hands on her hips, she walked over to Sep as he placed a pot on the range.  “I’m your sister.  I know when you’re up to something, so you might as well spill it.”

“I’m concerned about Nora, that’s all.” Avoiding eye contact with her, he retrieved the bucket of water and poured some of it into the pot.  “Want me to start coffee?”

“Sep,” she said, a warning tone in her voice.

A knock at the front door echoed through the house, and she caught the relieved look on his face before he scurried out of the kitchen to answer the front door.  With a sigh, she grabbed the apron from the hook by the kitchen door.  She’d get breakfast for everyone, and that included Joel.  She couldn’t send him off into the snow without a full belly.  As she finished securing the strings on her apron, Joel entered the kitchen with a small bag.  She frowned.  Where was Sep?  For someone so concerned about Nora, he was nowhere in sight.  She frowned.  Her brother was definitely up to something.

Joel smiled as he walked over to Nora who was banging her hands on the tray in front of her.  “Good morning.”

“Morning,” she replied, her gaze shifting to the hallway.  From where she stood, she couldn’t see much of anything.

“I’d ask how Nora’s doing, but the color’s back in her face and she’s happy.” He touched her forehead.  “The fever’s gone.”

Forcing her attention off the hallway, April looked at Joel and nodded.  “Yes.  After you helped her settle down yesterday, she had a real good nap, and when she woke up, she was much better.”

“Good.  I’m glad I made the trip for nothing.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Sep said.

April’s eyes went back to the hallway and she gasped.  Her brother stood at the kitchen entrance with a rifle in his hands, pointing it at Joel.

Joel jerked and held his hands up.

“Sep, what are you doing?” she asked.

Instead of answering her, Sep stepped further into the kitchen and motioned for Joel to sit down.

Joel slowly obeyed.

April rushed over to Sep and tried to take the gun from him, but he dodged her.  “You can’t kill him,” she said, her heart pounding anxiously in her chest.  What was her brother thinking?

Sep rolled his eyes.  “I’m not going to kill him.  We need him.”

“Nora’s fine.  You don’t need me,” Joel protested, still holding his hands up.

“Oh yes, we do.  You’re marrying my sister,” Sep told him.


So now that you got to read this snippet of the story, you can understand why Joel Larson requested to come by for an interview.

Hey, Joel.  What’s up?

Oh, nothing much.  I traveled through time for a bit to pick up a book.  It’s called 101 Ways to Kill Your Author.

LOL  Seriously, Joel.  You knew this day was coming.  Sooner or later, I had to write your romance.

I want to go on the record for saying I stated flat-out in The Wrong Husband that I oppose getting married.  I even brought the book so I could read you the passage since you forgot all about it.  *clears throat*  Here it is:

            Tom’s face grew red.  “I can’t wait until you get married, Joel.  I don’t care what you argue about.  I’ll take her side each time.”

            “Unlike you all, I have no desire to tie the knot,” he replied and gave them a smug smile.  “I’m going to stay single forever.”

            “Since when?”

            “Since I saw how you all ended up.  No woman is going to tell me what to do.”

That was on page 198 in black and white.  I made it clear I am not going to get married.  Ever.

LOL  Oh Joel, you’re so cute, thinking you can go against the script for Shotgun Groom.  What’s ironic is that Tom’s going to finally get his wish in this book.  He’s been itching to get back at you for all the jokes you made at his expense in A Bride for Tom and The Wrong Husband.

What does Tom have to do with this?

You’ll see. 

I don’t like it when you talk in these cryptic messages.  Can’t you just come out and say it?

And spoil the surprise for you?  Never.

Hmm…  Fine.  Whatever.  I don’t care.  It’s not like I’m worried about anything Tom can do.  Knowing him, he’ll probably bump into a wall and go unconscious so his part in the scene won’t amount to much.

That’s not fair.  Tom is only clumsy when he’s nervous. 

*snickers* That’s what makes him so much fun to mess with.

Oh you just wait.  Soon enough, he’ll be thinking you’re a lot of fun to mess with.  *winks*

There you go again with the cryptic messages.

If I laid everything out for you, where would be the suspense?  Besides, we already know you’ll be getting married. 

I think I’m going on strike.  I’ll even talk to the other characters.  I bet I can get them to join me, too.  We’re going to demand that our wishes be heard.  You think you’ll finish Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision, but I got news for you.  We’ll give you severe writer’s block and–

*bursts out laughing* You’ve got to stop.  You’re killing me here.  I can’t stop laughing!  Joel, you are just too much fun.  Look, I’ll talk to you later, okay?  Emily wants to get going on putting her disguise on so she can talk to Isaac.

Ruth!  This isn’t over.  I’m serious about this book. *picks up 101 Ways to Kill Your Author, opens it and mutters* Stupid authors telling their characters what to do.

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  1. Tara Sz says:

    That was realllyy fun.. Lol.. Cudnt stop laughing :)).. You have a Unique style about everything :)..
    Eagerly waiting for the books to come out..

    • The book is a lot more serious than the interviews. The interviews are full of characters letting me know they’re not happy about something I’m doing, which is a lot of fun. I love the strong characters that have a mind of their own. I got some more complaints from the characters coming up in future interviews, but I can’t write the interviews until I come up to the point in the story that I will talk to the characters about. I thought I could do that, but I’ve learned the interviews work best if I write them as the story progresses. Right now Joel is being held hostage in April’s house. LOL Poor guy. I have a picture of him crying that will be on his wedding day. 😀

  2. Tara Sz says:

    Wow.. that would be fun.. I hope you wil do an interview of Their Wedding day! Can’t wait for that 😀

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