Rearranging Isaac’s Decision and NaNo

So I was three scenes away from finishing the first draft of Isaac’s Decision when I realized the second half is not working.  I sent it off to someone for input because having a fresh new look at it can help me see what the heck is going on, which gives me a better look at the story.  As a result, I am going to decrease my word count on my widget to the right of this blog. 

The basic plot stays the same: Emily and Isaac elope.  So I’m not changing the plot.  I don’t expect this to affect the publishing goal for a January release.  I’d like to get the book out before January 15, but we’ll see.  It might be later in the month. 

I think Neil and Dave’s confrontation will have to wait until after the kids get married, and I don’t think it’ll end in a physical fight.  So far, that’s the thing I’m most certain about changing.  I also don’t want so much “screen time” for the parents. The story needs to stay focused on Isaac and Emily, and it is focused on them up until they elope.  So I’m working on possible ideas and such. 

I haven’t had to do something like this to a book since 2008.  Thankfully, this scenario doesn’t happen to me often.


A couple of people have asked if I’m going to do National Novel Writing Month this year.  I can do it only if I can break the 50,000 words across the current works in progress I have going.  Technically, you’re supposed to just work on one book, but hey, what’s going to happen if I work on four books instead?  I’d have to write 1666 words a day to meet the 50,000 word goal.  I’ve been writing 2100 words a day on average since earlier this month. 

So okay, I’ll do NaNo this year, but I’m doing it under all of my works in progress.  Being able to write more than one story at a time helps me focus better on each story because my mind gets a break, if that makes any sense.  I know some authors don’t work that way, but it works best for me.  And hey, as long as the stories get written, isn’t what counts?  😀

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  1. nothing wrong with doing it that way. it’s the spirit of the thing that matters 😉

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