A Message from the Larsons: Boycott Ruth Ann Nordin’s Books

Dave: We come to you to bring to your attention something horrible that’s happened.  Our author, Ruth Ann Nordin, has turned her backs on us to make an utter fool of herself to some weirdo named Hades.  You can find the offensive letter here.  What we are asking is for everyone to boycott all of her books until she apologizes for treating us, her own characters, as if we don’t matter.

Tom: Hold on.  Who’s the guy on the left?

Richard: I’m Richard.

Joel: You mean, you finally made an appearance?

Richard: I’ve been in a few of the Nebraska books. 

Joel: But we’ve never seen you.  You’ve never come to this blog before.  It’s like you kind of existed but no one really gave you much thought.

Richard: That’s not fair.  A couple of her readers wondered if I’d ever get my own book, and since she decided to write one, I became more relevant.  I am not like that older brother on Happy Days who showed up in the first couple episodes and disappeared.

Dave: Well, there won’t be any more Nebraska books unless she comes groveling at our feet for tossing us aside for Hades.

Tom: I don’t know if she tossed us aside.  I mean, she mentioned writing books if Hades agreed to ditch Persephone and take her to the Underworld.  I assume if she planned to keep writing, she’d write books about us and our children.  Last I heard, she wants to do at least 30 Nebraska books. 

Dave: Tom, you are so trusting, always believing the best in everyone.  If she goes to the Underworld, she’ll lose that WiFi connection she was talking about.  She can’t even go to the park three blocks away from her house without losing it. 

Tom: What if Hades has Internet?

Dave: You’re steering this post completely off topic.  We’re here to demand that Ruth sends out an apology at once or else her readers will boycott her books.

Tom: Boycott for what reason, though?  She still plans to write Nebraska books.  In fact, she started Forever Yours (your third book, might I add) yesterday. 

Joel: It’s not about the Nebraska books, Tom.  Dave’s miffed because she went all crazy over Hades instead of him.   Had she written Dave that letter, there would have been no problems.  Dave just can’t handle being out of the spotlight.  I’m starting to feel like we’ve been brought here under false pretenses.  I, for one, didn’t know she was going to keep writing in the Underworld.  The memo Dave sent me said she was going to quit writing to run off with some guy who doesn’t know how to put on a shirt and thought he looked cool holding a fake sword.

Richard: You know, you hear about the youngest being the spoiled one, but in this case, it’s Dave.

Dave: Spoiled?

Richard: Yes.  You have two books now and will have a third.  I don’t even have mine yet! 

Dave: Because you never do or say anything interesting.  You’re just kind of…there.  Do we even really know you?  No.  You’re a prop.

Joel: Yep, and now he’s bringing you here to prop up his stupid boycott.  You know, I got better things to do with my time.  People are sick and in need of a doctor.  I’m out of here.  *leaves*

Dave: Joel’s always been difficult.  Remember all those years when he ran off and hid so he wouldn’t have to do work on our parents’ farm?

Richard: I’m a prop, huh?  I have no purpose?  I’m just sort of there but not?  I don’t need this.  I hope no one reads your stupid books, Dave.  If Ruth wants to run off to another planet with the king of the martians, I’ll let her.  *leaves*

Tom: Unlike Joel, I read the letter Ruth wrote.  We’re not in any danger of losing our place in her life.  She wrote (and I quote), “I have lots of books to write and I’d love to spend an eternity to write them.”

Ruth: I also said that I decided to give up writing books based on Greek myths so I could focus on writing historical westerns, especially books about the Larsons.  At the time I wrote the first draft of My Lord Hades, I was also writing Eye of the Beholder, which is the book that convinced me to focus on writing historical western romances. 

Dave: Oh yeah.  I forgot that.

Ruth: I think it’s time we did something about that ego of yours, Dave.  Thankfully, we have Forever Yours to do that.

Dave: What?  What are you going to do?

Ruth: I’m going to adjust your attitude so next time when come onto my blog, you won’t be spreading all these lies about me. 

Dave: But you were going to go to the Underworld.

Ruth: Give me a break.  I knew how My Lord Hades ended.  Persephone stayed with him.  I wrote the letter for fun because Stephannie Beman made a tabloid post and we thought it’d be fun if I made up a fan letter.  Seriously, I expected my husband to throw a fit, not you.  Before you upset me even more, I’m going to end this post.  Ah, characters who get an attitude…  😉

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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25 Responses to A Message from the Larsons: Boycott Ruth Ann Nordin’s Books

  1. I love this! And Dave, be nice, you have fans too. 😀

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  3. Judy DV says:

    You do great Ruth. Although I have a feeling you might actually “see” these guys running around your house at times. Maybe even argue aloud with them?

    • LOL I love it when they argue with me. It keeps things fun. Dave is my favorite and probably always will be because it doesn’t matter how much weight Mary gains or if she does actually turn ugly. He has the ability to look past all of the surface stuff to get to the person inside. A man who loves a woman like that is the ideal guy. (Having gained weight since having kids and struggling to take it off and losing hair thanks to my mom’s genes has made me more appreciative of the idea of love reaching deeper than the surface. :D)

  4. Karen Miller says:

    At Dave: you are so different on here then you are in th books. What gives? I wrote Ruth a very nice email about how much I appraciated To Have and To Hold (maybe if you are nice she will let you see it) so this is one fan that will never boycott.
    At Richard: I just finsihed re-reading a bunch of Ruth’s books and I made sure to pay attention scenes yoiu were in. since I knew she said she was going to give you a story and that makes me excited. I”m looking forward to seeing what your story is. I think you are more then a prop no matter what Dave says.
    At Joel: your still my favorite.
    At Tom: I’m glad that you at least paid attention to what Ruth said in her letter.

    • ROFL Love it, Karen!

      From Dave: Did you say nice things about me? 😀 She doesn’t show me anything. Maybe you should talk to her about that. Just like she never told me or the others she had the hots for Hades. Totally rude if you ask me.

      From Richard: Oh cool! I can’t wait for Ruth to get to it. She’s so slow. Why can’t she write one book a month, or better yet a week?

      From Joel: You’re my favorite reader, Karen! Sending kisses your way!

      From Tom: Thank you. It’s nice to meet someone who appreciates me for my mind.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But have you guys SEEN Hades!?!

    Wait, that’s not making ti any better, is it?

    (Haha! These are so fun!)

  6. LOL, Ruth. This was so much fun to read, especially since I’m in the middle of reading Eye of the Beholder. 🙂

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