Got a New Title, a New Cover, and Mary Larson Responds to Kyala (Dave’s Ultimate Fan)

New Title

I wasn’t happy with the title Substitute Husband, so after some brainstorming with a friend, we came up with Husband by Deception.  I modified the cover to fit with it:

This is the book where the heroine picks up the man who looks just like her newly deceased husband, and since he has amnesia and was beaten and left for dead, she decides to tell him he’s her husband. 

New Cover

I got a new cover for A Most Unsuitable Husband.

I think I’ll write this one after I finish with Husband by Deception.  Lord Edon (who shows up in An Inconvenient Wife as the “rake” and I use that in quotes on purpose because he’s pretending to be a rake) is nagging at me to write his story, but I need to write Husband by Deception first.

I love making the Regency covers.  The dresses are so pretty, and there are more photos to choose from than the ones for historical westerns.

Mary Larson wishes to come on this blog to send Kyala (Dave’s ultimate fan) a message.

This is in response to Kyala’s comment to Dave in this post

Dearest Dave,

How could you be so mean to me? I’m supporting your cause for Characters for better Treatment Union. I’m supporting your boycott of Ruth.You are right, everyone should boycott her books. Look at the misery she causes.

And what is wrong with the way I dress? Not only am I wearing more than most people do in 2012, but I’m also wearing more clothes than most people wear in my own time. But for you I’d be willing to wear those ridiculous, cumbersome dresses Mary and the others wear.


Ruth: Okay, Mary.  You said you have something to say to Kyala?

Mary: Yes, I do.  Kyala, I have no idea who you are or why you would even care if my husband has issues with his author.  The truth of the matter is, Ruth’s characters are very happy with her.  She decided to self-publish because the publishers she contacted back in 2008 had a different vision for our books than we did.  Granted, it was two books she submitted, but Eye of the Beholder was one of them, and Eye of the Beholder is the book where Dave and I got married.  If the publishers had their way, Dave and I would have argued a lot because they said there wasn’t enough internal conflict between us.  But we didn’t want to argue.  Sure, we had some problems, but we were never inclined to fighting and felt it wasn’t right for us if I had to worry about Dave liking Cassie (a character who seems somewhat like you now that I think about it).  So we asked Ruth to let us tell our story our way, and Ruth obliged.  Then she granted us a second book and will write a third.  Ruth’s done more for Dave than any other character.  Dave is just bored right now, but fortunately, it’s about time to start planting crops again, so he’ll stop this nonsense.  Once he’s out in the fields, he’ll forget this whole thing.  There will be no union. 

Ruth: Mary, you might want to know that Ares, another one of Stephannie Beman’s characters is eager to join this union.  It’s not just Kyala.  Here’s what he wrote:

D, I heard from my girl Ky-what’s-her-name the you made a Characters for the Better Treatment Union. I want in, man. My author stole my girl and gave her to my ugly brother. Then she twisted Aphie’s mind into thinking she was better off with him and not me! Then when I finally when I come to terms with that and start liking another girl, she goes and gives her to Hades! Stephannie is twisted, she needs to be stopped!

Mary: That sounds like a problem for Stephannie Beman, not you, Ruth.

Ruth: But he wants to join Dave’s union.

Mary: But in less than a month, Dave will forget this union thing.  I’m telling all of you, this is temporary.  I can’t help it if this…”God of War” isn’t happy with losing…Aphie? Who is Aphie?  And wait a minute.  He said Ky, as in the KY jelly?  That’s almost appropriate since she’s a nymph.  Unlike Dave, I know that a tree nymph isn’t a political party.  Who is Aphie?

Ruth: Aphrodite, goddess of love.

Mary:  And so this “God of War” liked Aphrodite and then another woman?

Ruth: There’s something you have to understand about the Greek gods in mythology.  They were immortal so they had a lot of love interests.  The “God of War” is Ares, by the way.

Mary: If they’re immortal, then why would they want to bother with a union that won’t even come to fruition?  I’m telling you, Dave’s just bored.  Once he gets back out to farming, he won’t have time to worry about it.  This is a blip on the radar in the span of eternity.

Ruth: I guess when you’re immortal, you have nothing better to do than to get caught up in petty squabbles.

Mary: I don’t know what to tell Kyala and Ares.  Maybe they can take their grievances to their author?   Or if they’re looking for someone to be with, why don’t they end up together?  I can’t help but notice the way Ares keeps looking at Kyala’s legs. 

Ruth: I don’t know what the deal is for Ares or Kyala.  That’s up to Stephannie to decide.

Mary: Just as long as Kyala doesn’t think she’s going to be with Dave, then she can end up with whoever Stephannie wants. 

Ruth: Do you have anything else you’d like to say to Kyala or Ares?

Mary: Well, I don’t know what it is immortals like to do, but I suggest they take up a hobby to occupy them so they aren’t bored enough to try to join unions.  Then we can all let his matter drop and go back to our stories.

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6 Responses to Got a New Title, a New Cover, and Mary Larson Responds to Kyala (Dave’s Ultimate Fan)

  1. Reblogged this on The Gossip Papers and commented:
    Stephannie: LOL Thank you, Mary! Both Kyala and Ares do need to get some hobbies.

    Ares: I had a hobby, you stole her from me.

    Stephannie: Aphrodite isn’t a hobby. She’s a woman and she’s totally in love with Hephaestus.

    Ares: Only because you made her that way. In the mythologies she was my woman.

    Stephannie: Which ones? Because there are a few and in those few, yes you ended up with Aphrodite after you cuckold her husband and he divorced her. In other mythologies, she didn’t end up with either of you. I took creative license when creating my worlds, that’s why it’s called fiction.

    Kyala: Well, I don’t care about that, I want to hear from Dave. He’s the one that started the Characters for a Better Treatment Union. He should be talking, not his woman. *pouts* Besides, I found some more characters who want to join.

    Stephannie: Like who?

    Kyala: Kara, Morpheus, the Furies, Hermes, Apollo, Hera, Coronus–

    Stephannie: Wait! Coronus? What were you doing in Tartarus, Kyala? Does Hades and Persephone know you where there?

    Kyala: Umm…No. They were busy.

    Stephannie: What else have you been doing?

    Kyala: *shrugs* Trying to help Dave find characters for his Union. I contacted a few other characters from other authors. I also tried to find Dave to ask him about it.

    Stephannie: Kyala!

    Kyala: *crosses arms in front of her chest* Well unless Dave says he’s not doing it after all, I’m not stopping. And even then….

    Stephannie: Don’t threaten me, Kyala, or I’ll give you to Ares.

    Ares: You wouldn’t!

    • LOL Poor Ares. 😛

      Mary: Kyala, Dave is now busy in the fields, so he’s too busy to talk to you. Maybe you can try back next winter or never.

      Ruth: Wow, Mary. That’s rude.

      Mary: These people are trying to form a union against you, and you’re worried about me being rude? You should be thanking me.

      Ruth: Oh? And where were you all the other times Dave gave me grief? You let him call for a boycott on my books…twice! And suddenly Kyala sends Dave a letter and you’re here? I sense something else is up. And I’m surprised Dave hasn’t been around here for a while to bug me since I put his third book on hold. Hmm…

      Mary: I don’t know what you’re implying, but I don’t have time for this. I need to make an apple pie. A good woman cooks for her man instead of showing off her…physical attributes. *sniffs dismissively at Kyala and heads out*

      Ruth: I wonder if Dave is missing. It might be time to investigate.

  2. LOL Thank you, Mary! Both Kyala and Ares do need to get some hobbies.

    I started to write the comments here, but it disintegrated into an argument that can be read at

    Basically, Kyala wants to hear from Dave.

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