Updates on What I’m Doing

1.  Another Name Change

Don’t shoot me, but I changed the name on the next Regency I plan to write again.  Husband by Deception didn’t seem to flow right as I repeated it to myself all day, so I decided to go with my friend’s other suggestion which was “Her Counterfeit Husband”.  Tonight I changed the title on the cover and thought it looked better on the cover.  So this is what I’m calling it now. 

Sometimes a title comes to me right away, but there are times (like with this book) that I have a terrible time with it.  I plan to start this book when I finish An Inconvenient Wife.

2.  An Inconvenient Wife is at 51,000 words. 

My goal is 70,000.  So we’re over halfway there, and I did get to slip in her “dressed as a stable boy” scene, but it’s not going to be the major plot point I expected it to be.  I already wrote the part where they have fallen in love but felt something was missing and went back to insert some scenes.  The one with her disguised as a stable boy is one of the scenes I’m filling in, and I’m about to write the scene where Roderick catches her in disguise, not that she fooled anyone.  From a distance, the butler knew it was her.  Poor girl.  Well, you got to give her an A for effort.  😛

3.  Rick’s parents are about to meet Sally, and they already don’t like her.

This should be an interesting scene coming up.  I’m 46,000 words into Her Heart’s Desire and am aiming for 65,000 total.  Rick just told his parents (who are moving to Omaha) that he married Sally and explained why he didn’t marry Ethel Mae as they expected.  To make a long story short, his parents assume Sally is a conniving no good you-know-what and believe she has destroyed their son’s chance of a good future with a good woman.

4.  It’s coming time for Citlali to start picking sides in Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.

I’m only at 23,000 words in this one, and my goal is 65,000 words.  So I’m not even halfway done, but already Citlali pushed into a rock and a hard place.  The chief is ready to announce that Penelope and Cole’s adopted children (whose Mandan parents died when Hothlepoya raided the Mandan village the first time in Restoring Hope) must stay at the tribe.  Penelope and Cole, of course, plan to take the children back with them when they return home, but the chief won’t let them.  For those of you who read Brave Beginnings, you saw how insistent the chief was that full-blooded Mandans stay in the tribe and have children with other full-blooded Mandans.  Added to that, the chief is going to announce that all white people leave the tribe because he fears the more the Mandans live with the white people, the less inclined the Mandans will be to marry their tribal members.  It all boils down to preserving the Mandan line, which historically was important to them, though none of them forced the whites away from them.  The forcing out part is where I took liberties as an author of fiction.  I expect there to be an uproar when the chief makes these announcements, and this is what will force Citlali to take a side.  If he goes along with the chief, he pretty much alienates Onawa since her sister is married to Gary.  I know what Citlali does at the end of the book, but at this part in the story, I’m not sure which way he’ll go.  I trust that he’ll let me know when I get there.  😀  Sometimes I write a book with no idea how the scene will turn out until I’m writing it, and this is one of those books.


I’ve decided to focus on three books at a time.  Apparently, any more than that has proven to be too much for me.  I’ve tried it for a couple of months now and it’s not working like I hoped.   Once I finish the first draft for An Inconvenient Wife, I plan to start Her Counterfeit Husband.  I hope to get that going around the first week of April.  I hope to finish Her Heart’s Desire by the end of April.  I’m not sure which book I’ll write after I finish Her Heart’s Desire.  Logic suggests I should work on Mitch’s Win, but am I prepared to start publishing another series when I have Just Good Friends that will finish up the Omaha Series or even Runaway Bride that is book 2 in the Across the Stars Series?  Forever Yours would finish up the “trilogy” featuring Dave and Mary.  Decisions, decisions.  My real problem is that I can’t write faster.  😛

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4 Responses to Updates on What I’m Doing

  1. How in the WORLD can you work on three books at a time??? It would drive me crazy. Do you devote certain parts of the day to certain books? Maybe, someday, when I don’t have to work a full time job, I’ll learn how to do this. 🙂

    I’m glad you can figure out your titles. I’ve got two works right now, almost ready to publish, and I can’t for the life of me figure out the titles! Grrrrrr.

    • I don’t work. My husband did right up to last month when he retired. But since he was the one working, it allowed me to work on a couple books at one time. I usually work on one book in the afternoon (the 1000 words a day one), another book in the early evening (500 words) and then the third one in the late evening (500 words). Unfortunately, today none of the words are coming together, and I’ve deleted everything I’ve written. It’s a frustraing day.

      Titles can be the worst, can’t they? You want something catchy that fits the book. I hope your titles come to you soon. 😀

  2. Three books at a time?! Whew! I can barely focus on one at a time. I don’t know how you do it.

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