Changing the Name to The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, got a working cover for Richard Larson’s romance

Thanks to all your input, guys.  😀  I am changing the title of An Inconvenient Wife to The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife.  I’ll put the new cover up to reflect this change.  I agree with everyone who said it helps people know what kind of romance this book is and that it sounds better when you say it.

I got a working cover for Richard Larson’s romance.  I don’t really have a plot yet, except he marries Amanda, not because he loves her but because he’s saving her from a bad situation.  I hinted to this toward the end of Her Heart’s Desire when Sally talks to Richard and Amanda (which you’ll read when that book is out). 

You see, in Eye of the Beholder, Sally told Mary that Richard and Amanda left because her parents had died.  The truth is, they didn’t die.  But it’s what Richard tells his family because she doesn’t want anyone to know the truth.  (By the way, no one ever does find out.)   

I’m thinking he was in love with someone else (but not in a relationship with the other girl) when he married Amanda so he could take her with him to Nebraska.  I’m also thinking Amanda is already in love with him but feels guilty that her situation made it necessary for Richard to marry her instead of the other girl.

The details will be worked out as I write the book.  I’m not saying I’ll write the book right now.  I am currently working on The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (which I’m thankfully back on track with) and do want to get back to Bound by Honor, Bound by Love. 

Anyway, here’s the working cover I have for Richard and Amanda’s book:

(By the way, if anyone has a better title, please let me know because so far this is the best I got.)

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12 Responses to Changing the Name to The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, got a working cover for Richard Larson’s romance

  1. Judy DV says:

    Wow, that is the first picture that looks like I would imagine the person looking like. She looks like an Amanda. When you get the book cover ready let me know so I can update my blog as well.

    • I tried using a blonde for Amanda, but it never felt right. She seemed like a brunette, and I wanted something that said “east coast” since they leave that area for the west. And it was a huge pain to find her! LOL I’ll let you know. What do you think of the title? Is Wagon Trail Bride okay or do you think something else might work better?

  2. This is a great cover, Ruth!

  3. dorothypaula says:

    I love this cover. And the heroine is just right. I have one question. What is that white fluff on her hat. Is it lace or a flower?. Just curious. I finished Isaac’s Decision and loved it. Can’t wait to start your next book. 🙂 P.S.: I’ve published separate createspace paperbacks of my four e-book novellas (with the new covers), the stories contained in “Roses in the Dark”. I’ll be sending you a set of the four in a few weeks. Right now I have moving boxes all over the house. We are still waiting on the closing. Please keep praying for us. Lotsa hugs, Dorothy Paula 🙂

    • It looks like the fluff on her hat is some kind of net material that is bunched up. I have no idea exactly what the material is, but it’s not lace. I think it’s an odd looking hat, but I loved the outfit, esp. the cameo around her neck. It says Victorian style better than anything else I found, and she was a dark brunette, which is what I always imagined Amanda to be.

      I look forward to the novellas! Thanks for thinking of me. 😀

      I don’t envy you with all the work you’re going through as you move. I’m keeping you in my prayers and thoughts. 😀

  4. Love the cover and the name of the book. 😀

  5. Kesia Saenz says:

    Love the Cover Ruth!!! The title seems good too!!! I’m loving the premise of the book. It definitely sounds very interesting!!! Can’t wait!! 🙂

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