Her Heart’s Desire is Already Available on Barnes and Noble!

Barnes and Noble Link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/her-hearts-desire-ruth-ann-nordin/1111069973?ean=2940014363044

I didn’t think it’d be up this soon, but it is.  I won’t be on Facebook for the next few days because I’ll be on vacation, but I have some posts I have planned to post on this blog.  Now that I finally got The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and Her Heart’s Desire up, I can get started on the next giveaway.

I’ll start this with a newspaper article by Joseph Connealy and then run into the court proceedings.  Rick Johnson will be the judge, and I’ll have some witnesses to testify on each side.  I’m going to come right out and say I am not an expert on court hearings.  All I really know is what I see on TV so I’m keeping it as basic as possible.  But after everyone’s given their testimonies, then it’s going to be up to you to decide if Dave and Mary are guilty or innocent in the charges I’m going to be bringing against them.  😀  So you will decide the final verdict. 

Now, every vote of guilty or not guilty will enter you into the giveaway.  I’ll do the random.org site to pick the winner of several paperbacks by me and Rose Gordon.  I have four signed paperbacks by her in the Grooms Series, which will be offered, but I’m still trying to decide what to add to my South Dakota Series (Loving Eliza, Bid for a Bride, and Bride of Second Chances). 

I think this giveaway will be a lot of fun, and I’ll give more information on it as we get into it.  😀

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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2 Responses to Her Heart’s Desire is Already Available on Barnes and Noble!

  1. Barnes & Noble are getting faster! 🙂 I think the court case and giveaway will be a blast.

    • Yeah, I was shocked that it went up the next day. It said 24 to 72 hours, but it was more like 18 hours since I put it on PubIt in the evening and it was up the next morning. I thought it’s be live today. I’m really happy with the Atlantis Word Program, too. It makes going through PubIt painless. LOL

      Today, I set the stage for the giveaway. I hope it’s as fun as I think it’ll be. Sometimes an idea sounds good until you’re doing it. 🙂 *fingers crossed*

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