Moving, A Most Unsuitable Earl, and The Conference


Well, it turns out I’ll be painting the house and setting down new carpet to help sell it (which probably isn’t a huge surprise), though I hate to see some of the colors go to bland tan walls.  Not that I think dark green and maroon walls or bright red ones are totally awesome (they were like that when we moved here), but it’s sad to see all the personality totally depleted from the house.  And the color recommended?  Beige or tan.  All I can think of is, “Kids will have that looking awful in under two months.” But hey, it’s not my call at this point.  If I want to sell the place, I’ll have to jump through some hoops.

So for this Thanksgiving while my husband takes the kids up to Minnesota, I’ll be staying around here to paint and do the carpet with a friend and her son who knows how to do this stuff.  I know how to paint, but the carpet thing and removing wallpaper is something I’ll be learning.   And maybe some day I’ll write a character who is doing it.  😀

A Most Unsuitable Earl

This is not bumped back to January as an official release month.  I hate to do it, but some things have popped up (in addition to the craziness of moving) and it’s best to delay everything for a month.

This is the weekend for the conference!

On Thursday, I go to Kansas City for the HACWN conference (I think that stands for Heart of America Christian Writers Network, but I could be wrong).   Janet Syas Nitsick and I have rehearsed our presentation twice and probably will one more time before Friday.  Friday we’ll be giving it to a room full of authors (maybe 20 or so).  Yeah, I know that isn’t a huge number, but considering how much effort it takes for me to talk in front of a group of people, this is outside my comfort zone.  I just hope I manage to talk clearly and be able to effectively communicate what I know.  It’s easy to do that in writing.  I do that all the time.  But verbal communication is a whole different ballgame.  (And I even took speech in college, which I’m now grateful for since I would be a whole lot worse off without it.  LOL)

I’m looking forward to the conference.  It runs three days total, starting Thursday night and going on until Saturday.  I won’t be returning until Sunday, though.  I plan to attend a lot of workshops and even sell some autographed books.  I don’t make money off selling autographed books, but even as much as I love ebooks, I still like the personal touch of a paperback copy signed by an author.  I don’t know how much interest I’ll get, but I figured I can always offer giveaways on here with whatever I don’t sell.  😀  So either way, it was worth buying some copies.

(Quick side note: I’m hoping to do a giveaway for all four paperbacks in the Native American Romance Series in January.  I’m waiting for things to settle down before I do another giveaway.)


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2 Responses to Moving, A Most Unsuitable Earl, and The Conference

  1. I think it’s common to want the walls and floors a neutral color. That way, they won’t clash with whatever color the buyer’s furniture might be. Good luck with the painting and carpeting!

    Sometimes things happen to push release dates to a later time. It’s happened to me, and I know it’s happened to a lot of other authors. Sometimes, readers don’t realize how much really goes into writing besides writing.

    I hope you have a great time at the conference. I’m a volunteer at the conference I’m going to next year in Vegas, and I’m kind of nervous about what all I’ll have to do. But at least I know I won’t have to speak! LOL

    • That’s probably why about the colors. I just hope my kids don’t do anything to ruin the carpet before we fully move out. LOL

      I never imagined writing involved so much until I became a writer. My eighth grade teacher used to say rewriting and editing were the hardest parts of writing, and darned if she wasn’t telling the truth.

      Thanks. When I went a couple years ago, I loved it, but back then I just sat in the audience. I’m going to tell the other writers about Self-Published Author’s Lounge so they can learn that vanity presses aren’t their only option. You and I both know what a pain those vanity presses are. I always feel that if I can spare someone else that mistake, then I’ve succeeded in saving them that agony. 😀

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