Sunday Story Sample: The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (Introducing Lady Catherine)

Today, I thought it’d be fun to step back to the first book in the Regency Collection when I decided to introduce Lady Catherine.  I knew right away that I’d be writing her book.  I also knew–right away–that I’d be marrying her to Lord Edon because the two were complete opposites of each other, at least from Claire and Nate’s points of view.  😉

Tomorrow, I’ll explain the inspiration behind Catherine’s character.

Without further ado, here’s the scene in the book where Catherine is introduced….


When they reached her, Rumsey motioned to him.  “Catherine, this is Lord Roderick.”

Nate bowed and she curtsied, and though she wasn’t exactly the prettiest lady he’d ever seen, she greeted him in a manner that indicated she’d been brought up to be a proper lady of her future estate.  That meant she would ensure her duty in giving him an heir and run the home smoothly.  Given that her father was a duke spoke even more in her favor, so he dismissed her homely appearance.  Despite what Perry thought, this decision was too important for him to be concerned about a lady’s looks.

“I was wondering if I might have this dance?” Nate asked as the music began.

“It would be my pleasure, my lord,” she replied in a pleasant tone she most likely employed in all situations.

“I’ll leave you two to the waltz,” Rumsey said before he left them.

Nate offered his hand to her, and they began the dance.  She was light on her feet, proving she was familiar with the dance.  “Do you know all the dances?”

“Yes, my lord,” she replied.

He couldn’t be sure, but he thought she was looking at him the same way she’d been looking at Lord Edon.  Not sure how to take that, he cleared his throat and smiled.  “Your father tells me this is your first Season.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“I suppose this must be overwhelming then.”

“No, my lord.”

He waited for her to continue, but she kept looking at him with the same polite smile that she’d had when she danced with Lord Edon, and it was beginning to make him uneasy.  When she didn’t explain further, he ventured, “Have you seen the sights in London?”

“Yes, my lord.”

Again, he waited, but she didn’t volunteer any information nor did she ask him anything.  “So what is your favorite sight in London?”

She bit her lower lip as if she was thinking of an appropriate answer before she finally said, “I like them all, my lord.”

He sighed.  It was apparent Lady Catherine wasn’t one for words, but maybe that was a good thing.  He could marry her, enjoy a quiet life, and have an heir.  Most likely, he’d continue in his political circles while she… While she…  He turned his gaze back to her.  “What do you enjoy doing?”

She shrugged.  “I suppose I enjoy the same things all ladies do, my lord.”

“What kind of things would those be?”

“I’ve been taught to paint, play the piano, sing, dance, be a gracious hostess…”

As she rambled off the list of things she could do, he wondered if any of it truly appealed to her.  Her polite smile didn’t waver a bit, but he didn’t detect the slightest bit of enthusiasm in any of the things she mentioned.  He debated whether to ask her anything else, but he figured he already knew how life with her would be.  She’d do whatever things proper ladies did with their time.  Whether she truly enjoyed those things or not was up to her.  As long as she fulfilled her role in running the house, he figured that was all he could expect.

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