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Lord Roderick Gets a Swell Head Because of a Promotion at the Apple iBookstore

With word reaching Lord Roderick (aka Nate) about The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife being part of the promotion featuring free bestsellers and free series starters in the Australian and New Zealand iBookstores, he has gotten a very swell head.  Here’s the … Continue reading

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Celebration Giveaway for The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (and the other books in the Regency Collection)

This Sunday, I’m doing something different from the story sample I usually do.  I’m doing a celebration giveaway! With The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (which is free) doing so well in the Australian iBookstore at this link, I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Inspiration for the Book: Catherine As She Is Featured in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife

Yesterday, I posted the scene where Lord Roderick (aka Nate) met Lady Catherine, the Duke of Rumsey’s daughter.  The impression I hoped you received of her was that she wasn’t overly attractive and she didn’t have much of a personality. … Continue reading

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