Updates on What I’ve Been Doing (This Time With Writing)

Coming Very Soon – The Stagecoach Bride

The Stagecoach Bride ebook cover

I sent The Stagecoach Bride back to Stephannie Beman, and now she’s going through the final read through.  She will be publishing it.

Also Coming Very Soon – Bride by Arrangement

The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

I’m in the final editing stages of my novella, and Janet is working on the final edits of her novella.  We will send the publisher the book on December 2.  From there, it looks like it’ll be a month and then it’ll be available.

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife – Almost Done With the First Draft

the earl's scandalous wife

I probably get more questions about Perry than any other hero.  Dave Larson might have something to worry about because I don’t recall getting as much interest in Dave as I am with Perry.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this book.  It was rough at first to get going, but once I figured out the main plot, the whole thing has been pretty much writing itself.  I think the first draft will be done early next month which puts the estimated publishing time around early January.

After categorizing my series, this book will finish up the Marriage by Scandal Series in the Regency Collection.

The books officially in the Marriage by Scandal Series are as follows: The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, A Most Unsuitable Earl, His Reluctant Lady, and The Earl’s Scandalous Wife.

As a side note: I have moved Her Counterfeit Husband to a “Standalone Novel” part of the Regency Collection.  The characters featured in this novel don’t have anything to do with the other books.

Boaz’s Wager

boaz's wager

This one has stalled a bit.  I’m at a transition period for the hero and heroine.  It’s that step between a marriage of convenience and the moment where they realize they love each other.  I don’t know how long it’ll take to break through this, but I’m not going to push it.  This is why I work on more than one book at a time.  If I get stumped on one, I have others to write.

The Earl’s Secret Bargain marks the first book in the Marriage by Arrangement Series

the earl's secret bargain ebook cover

I’ve already got plans for book 2 in this series.  I haven’t come up with a title or cover yet, but I do have the beginning of a plot in mind.

As for this book, I’m still in the initial stages of writing it.  Due to everything else going on, I haven’t done too much in it.  But even if I’m not writing, I am thinking over what to do in the book.

*Like this book, I am not writing in Wagon Trail Bride and His Convenient Wife at the moment either.

Marriage Can Kill – My First Romantic Suspense

In 2009, I started this book.  Back then I stopped at 29,000 words because I didn’t know how the book ended, and unless I knew where I was going, I couldn’t continue.  Parts of the middle had to connect to the ending.

It finally clicked into place when I was at the writer’s conference.  Since I am about halfway through the novel, I’m going to pick it back up and do some rewrites that will help flesh out where I’m going.

I spent all evening working on the cover.  Stephannie Beman had done the original cover for me.  I was going to publish it under a pen name, but then I thought, “I don’t have time to worry about a pen name.” I’m doing good to work on the stuff I am without trying to keep two different identities straight.  I’ll put “Romantic Suspense” next to the title when I publish it and have put “Romantic Suspense” on the cover.  So if Romantic Suspense isn’t your cup of tea, you can skip it.

Also, another note about the original cover that Stephannie worked on…  It was a really good cover, but then I realized I couldn’t have a cover that was too sensuous.  It doesn’t fit my other books.  Even if I’m working under different sub-genres in the romance genre, I like to have a certain consistency between the covers.  So I found a few pictures that better define my type of books.

This is what I came up with:

marriage can kill ebook cover

I’ll be adding this book to the right side of this blog soon.  When I come up with a description, I’ll put the it on this blog and my website.

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