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The Earl’s Scandalous Wife and The Mail Order Bride’s Deception are Now on Kobo

I try not to post too close back to back with these posts, but since people have asked me when these two books will be on Kobo, I’m going to post the information right away instead of waiting. Kobo Link … Continue reading

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Mister Christopher Robinson Finally Gets His Interview (after I Post Where The Earl’s Scandalous Wife is Up for Anyone Interested)

So I had planned to give Christopher time to talk on this blog, but other things kept getting in the way, most notably the release of The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. Since I don’t want to delay letting him come on … Continue reading

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Sunday Story Sample: The Earl’s Scandalous Wife (Christopher’s Mission Begins)

As Christopher wished, I am posting this sample of The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. In a day or two, Christopher will be in for an interview. 🙂 Christopher groaned and leaned his head against the seat of the carriage.  “You can’t … Continue reading

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