Mister Christopher Robinson Finally Gets His Interview (after I Post Where The Earl’s Scandalous Wife is Up for Anyone Interested)

So I had planned to give Christopher time to talk on this blog, but other things kept getting in the way, most notably the release of The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. Since I don’t want to delay letting him come on this blog another day, I’m going to quickly link to where this book is at on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Then I’ll get into the interview.

*Oh, I got the new release email to work this time. I guess the secret is to send it out right away instead of trying to schedule it to go out at a future time. These lessons have to be learned through trial and error. ūüėÄ

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife can be found at these links right now.

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Barnes & Noble


(It is approved for premium distribution at Smashwords. ¬†So it should be up on Kobo, iBooks, Flipkart, Sony, Disel, Page Foundry, Oyster, Scrid, and other sites Smashwords distributes to in one to a couple months. ¬†I really don’t know how long it takes books to get on these other channels, but I have set Smashwords up to distribute to them.)


Now that I got that out of the way, I can finally bring Christopher on.

Christopher: Well, it’s about time. ¬†You’ve been promising me that I’ll get to defend myself since last week.

Ruth: I know. ¬†It took longer than I had hoped. ¬†I had to get Perry’s book out.

Christopher: And you were also working on Boaz’s Wager. ¬†You’ve been spending all your time on his book.

Ruth: You know I work on more than one book at a time.

Christopher: But you’ve been spending most of your days on this one. ¬†If any other book gets written in right now, it’s The Mail Order Bride’s Deception. ¬†I don’t see what’s so great about the historical west in America.

Ruth: Which is why I put you in the Regency setting.  You would never have lasted without the comforts you were given because you happened to be the wife of a wealthy widow.

Christopher: Are you implying I’m only with Agatha for her money? ¬†Because I can assure you, that isn’t the truth.

Ruth: I know it’s not. ¬†I wrote your book, remember? ¬†But we’re not here to talk about His Reluctant Lady. ¬†Today we’re here to talk about The Earl’s Scandalous Wife.

Christopher: If it weren’t for me, Perry wouldn’t even have a wife, scandalous or otherwise. ¬†But the fact that she is scandalous deserves my highest respect.

Ruth: So you would say that what you want most in that story is for Perry to get married.

Christopher: Yes, and by the title, we all know my plan works.

Ruth: As you were in the process of finding Perry a wife, what was the most horrifying thing you had to do?

You can't be serious.  You're placing me in a barn?

Christopher as he recounts his ordeal of finding Perry a wife.

Christopher: Find her. ¬†You would be surprised at how many ladies there are who don’t meet up to all of Agatha’s qualifications. ¬†Agatha had this long list of things that Perry’s future wife had to be. ¬†She had to be young, attractive, kind, and able to deal with boredom. ¬†The young and attractive part was easy. ¬†There are tons of those kinds of ladies on the prowl for a titled gentleman. But kind and able to overlook Perry’s tendency to be boring? ¬†That was the challenge.

Ruth: So how did you do it?  How did you find her?

Christopher: It was incredibly hard. ¬†I had to go to every ball and dance with every eligible lady I could find. ¬†Through the whole time Agatha watched me to make sure I was doing my job, too. ¬†If I went off to talk to my friend Ethan, she’d come up to me and remind me I had work to do. ¬†Little did she realize that I was working. ¬†Ethan would help me pick out ladies I should talk to, and if there’s anyone who understands ladies, it’s Ethan.

Ruth: It sounds like you feel unappreciated.

Christopher: You bet I feel unappreciated.  I gave up time alone with Agatha to do this, and being with her is a lot more fun.

Ruth: But you did find the right lady.

Christopher: Yes. ¬†Miss Paula Leighton was perfect, especially since she didn’t mind Perry’s cane. ¬†I led Perry out to the veranda where Paula was lying in wait to make her move. ¬†I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but I was sure whatever it was, it’d be worth seeing Perry embarrassed. ¬†He’s easily scandalized. ¬†So I left Perry out there in Paula’s capable hands and went to get Agatha.

Ruth: Did Agatha know Perry was about to get involved in a scandal?

Christopher: I felt no need to worry Agatha with the pesky little details.  I only told her that I found the perfect lady for Perry and would introduce Agatha to her.

Ruth: Was there a moment when it looked like Perry wouldn’t get to marry Paula?

Christopher: You bet there was, and it was all Perry’s fault. ¬†After Paula did her part and kissed him, he tried to cover it all up by saying it never happened. ¬†If he had any appreciation for all the work I went through to get Paula, he wouldn’t have done that.

Ruth: But Perry’s plan didn’t work.

Christopher: Thankfully, it didn’t. ¬†I hurried off and told everyone I came across about the kiss. ¬†I might have exaggerated a couple things.

Ruth: Exaggerated what?

Christopher: I merely told everyone that I caught Perry intimately entwined with Miss Leighton.  I might have suggested something far more interesting than a simple kiss, but the details elude me at the moment.

Ruth: You have a way of making things sound worse than they were.

Christopher: Worse? ¬†I wouldn’t say ‘worse’. ¬†I’d say it was good. ¬†If I didn’t give out enough juicy information for the gossipers so they’d even remember Perry was involved in the scandal.

Ruth: Well, it worked.  Perry is now happily married.

Christopher: Yep, it just goes to prove that miracles do happen, even to gentlemen as boring as my cousin. ūüėÄ

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  1. Valerie Carter says:

    Love all your books, so glade this one is finally out. Keep up the good work!!

    V Carter, High point, NC

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  2. Perry is just the sweetest guy in the world. But it’s a lot of fun when Christopher gives him a hard time. I love the interaction between those two!

    • They’re awesome together. I wish I had more characters who sparked like these two. It makes writing the blog posts with the interviews a lot easier. I’ve been trying to get Boaz on here, and he’s not as spunky as Christopher, nor is there another character with the spunk needed to make the post one that is easy to make. I only end up posting half the interviews I start because there needs to be a certain chemistry to make it worth writing.

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