Made a New Page Featuring My Works in Progress, Update on The Earl’s Scandalous Wife, and Signing the Montana Collection with a Publisher

It’s been a while since I did a general “updates” post so I thought I’d do it before I forget. Christopher has been bugging me to do a similar interview like I did with Perry last week.  Since he craves the  spotlight, I’ll oblige him.  But tonight I wanted to let everyone know what I’ve been up to.

I Finally Made a Page Where I List All Of My Works In Progress

This was long overdue.  I usually put a lot of books on the right side of this blog, and I realized this was cluttering things up.  So what I decided to do was give the latest new release and two other books that are due to be the next two releases.

I don’t write in every one of those books every day.  A couple of them only get something written once or twice a month.  So the progress in the books on that list will vary.  But you can go over there to see how close I am finishing them.  🙂

Here’s a direct link to the Works In Progress page, and you can find it along the black menu bar at the top.

(I couldn’t let Wagon Trail Bride or His Convenient Wife go, but I’m not promising they will be out this year.)

The Earl’s Scandalous Wife will *hopefully* be out by the end of this month.

the earl's scandalous wife

I’m in the final editing stages as we speak.

Since this book concludes the Marriage by Scandal series, I am probably going to change the cover of The Earl’s Secret Bargain to better fit in with the new series I started, Marriage by Arrangement.

I’ve signed the Montana Collection historical romances with a publisher.

Long story short, but I sense that something is shifting in the publishing world.  Guesses are only speculation, but I have been searching for a publisher for about two years.  What I wanted most in a publisher was for the publisher to keep the content of my books the way I want them.  I started self-publishing because I wanted to keep my books the way I wanted them.  I had submitted them to publishers, but they either wanted me to change the content, wanted me to nix the sexual content, or wanted me to put sex before marriage.  So I self-published.

Fortunately with the emergence of small presses, the rules are now more flexible and I found a publisher who will let me write the books my way.  I still plan to self-publish some books, but I expect to do some shifting into the traditional publishing world in the upcoming world.  I can be wrong, but I suspect small publishers will become more important.  At the very least, I’ve always believed in not putting all of my eggs in one basket and see signing with a publisher as a win-win situation, especially since I am given lots of freedom in my contracts.  The publisher is Parchment & Plume, and it will feature books similar to what I write (another thing that was important to me when making this decision).

mitch's win second edition ebook cover

I signed Mitch’s Win over to the publisher this month.  So it’s already out, and it’s the first book in the Montana Collection.  Most of you have already read it.  If you have, you don’t have to read it again because it’s been kept the same as it was when it was self-published.

boaz's wager

Boaz’s Wager is book 2 in the Montana Collection and is due to be released in March.

patty's gamble ebook cover

Patty’s Gamble is book 3 and is expected out by this summer.

There’s no set date on it yet, but I have started it.  Patty’s Gamble is the complete rewrite of “The Keeping of Greg Wilson” which is a novelette I wrote years ago.

(The publisher has also let me keep the covers I wanted on them.)


Since I’m trying to keep my blog posts shorter this year so they don’t get so exhausting to read, I’ll end it here.

Tomorrow, I’ll let Christopher has some of the spotlight he’s been craving in the Sunday Story Sample.  🙂

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  1. You’re so busy. *sigh*

    • I wish I was as organized as I seem. LOL I’m a multi-tasker and have trouble focusing on one task at a time. I usually have multiple windows and stories up at any one time. I don’t know if it’s the best way to do things, but ever since I had kids, I can’t seem to pull myself out of it.

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