Sunday Story Sample: The Earl’s Scandalous Wife (Christopher’s Mission Begins)

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As Christopher wished, I am posting this sample of The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. In a day or two, Christopher will be in for an interview. 🙂

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Christopher groaned and leaned his head against the seat of the carriage.  “You can’t be serious.”

Agatha crossed her arms.  “I am serious.  We aren’t going to our estate until you find your cousin a wife.”

“I’ve been looking for a suitable lady and there’s no one.  No one!” He threw up his hands in despair.  Why couldn’t she let the matter go?  At least for this year.  “We should try again next year.  There’s bound to be a better selection of ladies to choose from then.”

“You haven’t been diligent in your search.”

“I haven’t been diligent?  I’ve been asking everyone if there’s a lady who’d be willing to marry Lord Clement, but they all say no.”

“You can’t ask only three people and expect to find her.”

“It wasn’t three.  It was five.” When he saw her eyes grow wide, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a light squeeze.  “I’m teasing.  I asked more than five.  It was ten.  Maybe even twelve.”

“This isn’t amusing, Christopher,” she admonished as he kissed her neck.  “We won’t be leaving London until Perry has a wife.”

“And she has to be young, attractive, kind, and overlook his boring tendencies?”

“Of course.”

“You are difficult to please.  Do you know how hard such a lady is to find, especially one who doesn’t mind being bored?”

She sighed.  “Perry isn’t boring.  I don’t want to hear anything else about him being boring.  Now, I want you to help me seek out a suitable lady for him tonight.  Ask every gentleman there if he has a sister or daughter who is looking for a husband.” She adjusted her gloves.  “You know how much I hate going to balls.”

“Which is why we should have stayed home.” He kissed her and wiggled his eyebrows.  “We could have a lot more fun there.”

“We’ll have fun later.  Right now, we need to work.” After a moment, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.  “I promise I’ll make it worth your while if you find him a wife tonight.”

“All right.” What he wouldn’t do for his wife.  “I promise you that before the night is over, Perry will secure a betrothal that the lady in question won’t be able to get out of.”

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