Books, Email List, A Facebook Party, and Upcoming Videos

I got a lot of exciting stuff going on, and since it’s all running through my mind, I’m probably going to make a very long post.  I’ll try not to get bogged down with too much description.

Next weekend I have two books coming out, and both are due out on the same day: Valentine’s Day.  😀  

Love Lessons with the Duke

This is book 2 in the Marriage by Deceit Series.  Remember Lady Seyton who was helping Regina (in book 1–The Earl’s Secret Bargain) secure a betrothal?  She was at the very end of book 1 and announced she had agreed to help a gentleman find a wife.  Well, this is that story.

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover

This is a sweet contemporary romance anthology.  There is no sex at all in these books, and I’d even go so far as to say the rating is PG.  Very tame, like A Bride for Tom.  Since it is clean, I used the pen name Barbara Joan Russell.  This is being published with Parchment & Plume.

My novella is Online Proposal which features a hero and heroine who met online. (I have a post or two I scheduled about this novella that will go up this week).

But Catherine Lynn’s novella, Tristan’s Redemption, features a hero who’s given up on the very notion of love.  Then a stubborn dark-haired spitfire comes into his life. 😉

Really quick, I want to mention two things before I go back to talking about books:

1.  Catherine and I will be doing a Facebook Party on February 17 to celebrate the release of Bride by Design.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out!

This will be an all-day party so people in all countries have a chance to win the prizes.  Some prizes will be available to international winners (ebooks and some jewelry), but there are a couple that will only be available to United States winner (like $25 Amazon gift cards).  Sorry guys, but last year when I gave a gift card to an international winner, the country wouldn’t honor it because it was in US currency.  So to be safe, gift cards will not be available to international winners.

I’ve posted some pictures of the giveaway prizes over on the Facebook Party Page if you want to see some of the gifts we’re offering.

2.  Below is a form to fill out if you want to be on my email list.  (If you are already receiving emails from me when I have a new book out, then you are already on this list and will automatically receive what I’m offering below.)

I have already written a 2,000-word prequel for the release of Love Lessons with the Duke and another 2,000-word backstory to go with Bride by Design.  I am only going to give these short stories to the people on my email list as a way of saying thank you for being on it.  I’ve been wanting to offer something extra to those of you on it for a while now, but until a week ago, I had no idea what that could be.  Thanks to an online conference I attended, I got the idea for the 2,000-word story to in line with the book that is being released.

If you haven’t signed up to be on my email list but would like to, here’s the form. (The first name is optional.)

I do plan to keep making these short stories to go with each new release I have coming out because I think they’re a lot of fun.  So this will be an ongoing thing I’ll do.

Now, back to the books…

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

I am currently in Chapter 16 of this book, which means I’m over halfway there.  I’m still hoping for a March release.  *fingers crossed*  But worse comes to worse, it’ll be out in April for sure.

The Earl's Stolen Bride

I haven’t made much progress in this one, I’m afraid.  I’m only in chapter five.   This might not be out until May if this pace continues.

Stephannie Beman will take this cover and make it look better.  But this will be the "look" for the new cover.

Stephannie Beman will take this cover and make it look better. But this will be the “look” for the new cover.

Good news.  I am getting nice progress on this one.  It’s looking like there should be no problems getting this one out this summer.  At the moment I’m in chapter four.

a groom's promise

I haven’t touched this in over a month.  Eek, I know.  But I am 10,000 words into it, and it’ll probably 40,000 words long.  So I’m not as far off schedule as it sounds since it looks like this might be a June release.  *fingers crossed*

Now for videos…

I had a lot of fun making the one I did in the last post.  It took me a good three hours to figure out how to upload it from iMovies to You Tube because it was connected to the wrong You Tube account.  (I have one for me as the author and one for my family.  It kept going to my family’s one.  So I had to save it to my computer then go into my You Tube account and upload it directly.)  But it worked, so now I know what I’m doing.

So does anyone questions for me?  It can be something personal, something about my books, something about writing/publishing/promotion, or if you want my opinion on something.  As long as it’s clean, I’m willing to answer it.

Janet Syas Nitsick and I will be doing some videos together.  (Janet wrote Bride by Arrangement with me and is writing A Groom’s Promise with me.)  Some for authors on the Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors blog and some on this blog.  We have some ideas that we’re working on.  But, if there are any questions you have for both of us (even if it’s just for her), feel free to ask.

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  1. I like how you described Maggie as a spitfire. I hadn’t thought about it, but she is, isn’t she? Nothing, if not persistent, right? 🙂

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