Got the Update on Books I’m Doing

I’m not going to give specific dates on these, but this is what I’m planning on doing for the rest of the year.  It doesn’t mean it’ll all be published this year.  Some things I work on will be out next year.

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover

This is still with one of my awesome editors.  I have just printed out a couple of chapters to start going over my final read through, which I then will compare to the editor’s notes.  I can say for sure this will be out in April.  I’m just not sure of the exact date.

a groom's promise

This one will probably be finished first, but it won’t be out until June or July because it is a co-authored book.  Co-authored projects take longer because there’s someone else involved in the process.  Also, it will go with my awesome publisher, Parchment & Plume.

I’m doing one novella, and Janet Syas Nitsick is doing the other.  So this is an anthology.  Right now I’m at chapter 7.  I expect there to be 14 chapters, give or take a couple chapters.  So really, I’m at the halfway point in this one.

The Earl's Stolen Bride

I expect to finish this one next, but given the conferences I’ll be going to in April and May, I might not be able to get this out until June.  At the moment, I’m at chapter 5, and this will be a full-length novel.  So I’m expected 21-24 chapters total.


I want to get this one out this summer, so I pushed back Royal Hearts.  I’ve had several people ask me about Richard Larson’s book, but no one has asked about Royal Hearts.  Because of this, I’m pushing the date back on Royal Hearts.  I aim to get books out that people are asking for if I can think of a suitable plot to go with it.  And I do have a good, solid plot for this one…finally.  This will also go with my publisher, Parchment & Plume.

At the moment, I’m at chapter 3.  So yeah, I have a ways to go yet.

Betting on Love ebook

This is going to be a short, light read.  It’s a prequel to go with my novella in Bride by Design under the pen name, Barbara Joan Russell.  I expect this out during the summer, and I plan to make it free since it is going to be so short.

I’m thinking it’ll be about 10 chapters, but we’ll see.

Bride by Convenience (A Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance)

Cover Coming Soon

I don’t know if I can get this one out in the summer or not.  If not, it’ll wait until January.  This is another reason I decided to push Royal Hearts back.  I want to get this one out this year.  I’ve been itching to do this story ever since I got the idea for it.  I was originally going to put it under my pen name, Barbara Joan Russell….but it quickly occurred to me that I want sex in this book.  It’s important to the romance sex is in it.  I know sweet mail order bride stories are widely popular, but I have to go in the direction the story wants to go, and when you read it, you’ll understand why sex must be in it.  The hero’s self-esteem will be too wrapped up in it, which makes it a key element to the plot.  (I don’t put sex in a book just to have sex in it.  There is always a point to it.)

I haven’t started this one.

royal hearts ebook cover

I plan to work on this during the summer months when the kids are home.  I can’t get much written while they’re off school because I do a lot with them during the summer.  But I can revise and rewrite rather easily.  So I shifted this to November.  I need at least one month for it to be on Smashwords since it’s in pre-order and needs that long to get to B&N, Kobo, and iBooks by the release date.  Otherwise, I’d plan this out in October.  (This is just another reason I decided I hate pre-orders.)

the royal pursuit ebook cover

While I’m working on Royal Hearts, I figured I might as well work on The Royal Pursuit, which also needs a revision/rewrite.  Since it’s light work, it can be done in the summer.

TheRancher'sWife ebook cover

Stephannie and I are currently working on modifying this one.  I’m going to plan this one out for January, but it’s possible we might get it ready before then.  We’re really about halfway into it.  We’re swapping scenes and doing some light rewrites when necessary.

We are going to work on this one, too.  We need to clean up The Rancher’s Wife before getting to it, though.  Like the one above, we’re about halfway into this one.  I have no idea when it’ll be out.

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  1. It sounds like you have awesome plans. 🙂

  2. Judy Esposito says:

    Great year ahead for you! Looking forward to any and all western bride books. I love how you write them. My all time favorite of yours is, Eyes of the Beholder! But I really love all your western books. Haven’t tried any of your others, I’m a western book lover but maybe sometime I will..

    • Historical westerns will always be my first love. I love Regencies and contemporaries, too, but there’s something a little more special about the historical westerns. 🙂

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