Lord Toplyn (Hero in Ruined by the Earl) Talks About His Book …. With an Appearance by Melissa (Heroine)

Logan (aka Lord Toplyn) is here to discuss what he thinks about his role in Ruined by the Earl.

Ruined by the Earl ebook cover


Today I thought I’d do something I haven’t done in a long time.  I thought I’d bring in a character from one of my current works in progress to talk to.  Granted, this book is in its editing stages, but it hasn’t been published yet, which is why I still consider it a work in progress.  The book isn’t done until it’s published.

Logan: And that would be…?

Ruth: Next weekend.  This is not on pre-order, so I’ll upload directly to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords.  From Smashwords, it will take another couple weeks to get up on places like iBooks, Flipkart, Scribd, and other channels Smashwords distributes to.  I probably won’t be making the post with the links until April 7 because it’s Easter weekend in the United States, and my kids will be off school from April 3-6.  I’m sure a lot of people will be out of town, too.

But anyway, I brought Logan in because I thought he might be fun to talk to.

Logan: Thank you.  I happen to agree that I’m a lot of fun.

Ruth: I know you do, Logan.  But I will add that you are not for everyone.  My sense of humor appeals to some but not others, so if people enjoyed my other comedic heroes such as Nathan in What Nathan Wants and Christopher Robinson in His Reluctant Lady, I think they’ll enjoy you, too.  Logan isn’t the kind of character you should take seriously.

Lord Toplyn (aka Logan)

Lord Toplyn (aka Logan)

Logan: Laughter is good for the soul.  Besides, I’m gorgeous.  Just look at my picture on the left.  While you’re reading about me, you can imagine me, sexy and sultry.  I believe you ladies like to call men like me “eye candy”.

Ruth: Some do.  Some would just say good looking.

Logan: Well, since you picked out this image, then it only shows you have excellent taste because I would pick this for me, too, even if I’m not shirtless.

Ruth: I don’t like the shirtless guy images, Logan.

Logan: Just so everyone knows, I look awesome without a shirt on.  My darling rose is about to be very happy she got to marry me instead of that weakling Lord Waxman.

Miss Jasper (aka Melissa)

Miss Jasper (aka Melissa)

Melissa: That’s not true.  I’m not happy at all to be stuck with you, you cad.

Logan: Wow!  Melissa, you’re smoking hot!  I am so glad you’re the heroine in this story.  If we had a contest for all of Ruth’s heroines, you would be the most beautiful of them all.  I can’t wait for our wedding night.

Melissa: If you think you’re going to touch me at any time in this book, you’re wrong.   I will never let you into my bed.

Logan: That’s fine.  I have no problem with the carriage, a gazebo, a desk, a bench, or any other place your little heart desires.  Wherever you want to make love to me is fine.  I’m not picky.

Melissa: Ruth, can’t you make this a sweet romance?

Logan: No way!  I don’t want to just look at you and give you a chaste kiss.  You’re way too gorgeous for that kind of thing.  You need a man who’ll make mad passionate love to you, and often.

Melissa: I’d rather be stuck in a pit of slimy, slithering snakes through the entire story.

Ruth: Actually, snakes aren’t slimy.  They’re smooth and dry.  They just appear slimy because of their scales and the way they–

Melissa: Is this a romance or a science book because I fail to see why anyone here cares whether or not snakes are slimy?

Ruth: I just wanted people to know I don’t really think they’re slimy.

Melissa: What an ego.  Like people care about what you know or don’t know.  This book isn’t about you.  It’s about how Logan is going to ruin my life.

Logan: I’ll do nothing of the sort.

Melissa: Yes, you will.  It’s right there in the title of the book:  “Ruined by the Earl”

Logan: All right.  I agree.  The title should be something else.  How about “Taken by the Earl” or “Pleasured by the Earl” or “Enraptured by the Earl”?

Melissa: Can your ego get any bigger?

Logan: I have a healthy dose of self-esteem, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Melissa: I wish I’d never been up for the role of your wife.  I was supposed to marry Lord Waxman.

Lord Waxman

Lord Waxman

Logan: You mean, this guy?  Come on.  He’s a total geek.

Melissa: *gasps* He doesn’t look like that.

Logan: According to me, he does, and since this is primarily a post featuring me, I get to show the world what he is really like.

Melissa: He is not like that at all!  He’s decent and honorable and kind and–

Logan: I’m yawning already.  You just listed out a bunch of ridiculous traits that are reminiscent of Lord Roderick in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife.  Look, if you want bland and boring, you go to Lord Waxman.  If you want fun and exciting (and incredibly good looking), you go to me.  You know what they say, if you want it to be good girl, get yourself a bad boy.

Ruth: Actually, Logan, “If You Want it to be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)” is a song by the Backstreet Boys.

Melissa: Well, aren’t you the walking encyclopedia today.  First snakes and now this.  Got anything else you want to annoy us with?

Logan: Regardless, the song fits our spicy romance, Melissa.

Melissa: It’s just my luck I happen to have an author who wants to write sex in her romances.

Ruth: Oh Melissa, just wait until you see what you end up doing in the book.

Melissa: *frowns*  What do you have me do?

Ruth: You’ll find out soon enough.  This post is getting long, and I want to get some more written for my novella “The Marriage Bargain” in A Groom’s Promise before my kids come home from school.  *leaves*

Melissa: Ruth, you can’t leave me without answering me.  Ruth?  Ruth!

Logan: I guess it’s just you and me, my sweet wildflower.

Melissa: *gags and hurries out the door*

Logan: It’s good for her, I’m a patient person. *winks and leaves*

End post


Note: I did purchase the image I used for Logan.  Picture credit: ID 34873258 © Artofphoto | Dreamstime.com

Note: I also purchased the image I used for Melissa.  Picture credit: ID 33605726 © Victoriaandreas | Dreamstime.com

Note: I also purchased the image I used for Lord Waxman.  Picture credit: ID 26398675 © Viorel Sima | Dreamstime.com

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  1. Judy Esposito says:

    Well now you have me wanting to buy this book! I never and I mean never read these kind of books, more of a western or mystery kind of gal. I think I’ve read all of your western books but I must get this one. They sound as though they were made for each other and of course they are, you wrote them that way. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this. It’s the best character interview so far. I really enjoyed it.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been wanting to do another character interview for a while. No ideas came to me until now. It turned out a lot better than I expected. The dynamics between Logan and Melissa are so much fun to write.

  3. Shelley Chastagner says:

    I love these character interviews. It’s nice to see what Logan looks like. Melissa is crazy not to be interested in that boy. WOW!

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