10 Responses to Questions I’ve Recently Gotten

  1. These are fantasy, but there’s also romance. If you’re like me, you’ll probably have romance in a horror book, too. We can’t get away from it. 🙂

    • I couldn’t get away from romance, even in a horror novel. 🙂 I have an idea for what I think will be a horror novella, but I’m still working on the reason why things happen. It’s easy to get it started, but I wrote a thriller years ago and fizzled at 30K words because I didn’t know how the murders were happening. This is probably one case where plotting something first will benefit me.

      • I have to plot for mysteries. You have to figure out most of it ahead of time. That doesn’t mean things won’t take an interesting turn that you didn’t expect. 🙂

        • I’m blowing the dust off my blog since it’s been so long since I’ve been over here. LOL Anyway, romances I don’t have to plot, but I do need to plot other genres to an extent. I never get fancy. I just like to have a better idea of where I’m going in each scene. I don’t know if romance is more intrinsic, but it does come more naturally to me than other genres. Still, I like keeping the plotting simple so that when a turn does pop up, I don’t have to worry about putting in all the work into doing a heavy outline and finding out I have to toss it.

  2. Susan Adams says:

    When is the next book coming out I have read in
    Montana Collection I have read all so far and loved them all
    Mitch ,Boaz, and Patty
    Can’t wait for more

    • I’m not sure when Shane’s Deal will be out. I need to start mapping out in what order I want to write my books. I’d love to do it next year. I’d also love to do Sep’s book next year. Thanks for the great question! 😀

  3. Wow! That move was fast! And lucky you to be in Montana. Looks like a beautiful state from the photos I’ve seen.

    Just a really quick thought on Sep’s book. Maybe he could rescue a mail order bride headed to another guy? But for whatever reason, she has to stay in the same area as he lives – maybe to recover from a broken leg – and they fall in love. 😀

    • That’s definitely an idea. 😀 I’ll have to think of how to work it in.

      Tomorrow we’re supposed to close on the house, and then it’s a matter of waiting for the movers. My first order of business (after getting the keys to the house) is to clean it. I don’t expect to do any proofing for a few days, but it’s for a good cause, just like you and the adorable granddaughter. 😉

  4. Stephannie says:

    Hope everything goes well for you.

    Moving is definitely an ordeal. I’ve been working on doing the same for the last 5 week now.

    Good luck!

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