His Auctioned Bride Has Been Changed To The Bride Price

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the title change to a book I have scheduled to write this year.  Remember Sep from Shotgun Groom?  He was Joel Larson’s brother-in-law.  Last year, I ran a question in the private Facebook group I have with my author friend Janet Syas Nitsick.  In the question, I asked, “Would you rather read about Sep,  Adam/Jacob Larson, or Vivian and Hugh?”

If you want to be a part of the Facebook group, here’s the link.  Just ask to join, and Janet or I will let you in.  Whenever I make most of my decisions about what to right, I will present the question to this group.  It’s a great group of people over there.  Very nice and supportive.

So anyway, Sep won, and that is why I’m doing his book.  Right now, I have the release month set for November.  (I want to finish up the Pioneer Series with Forced Into Marriage, so I had to shift this book from August to November.)

Okay, so I’m in the process of working on the description for Sep’s story.  In the process of thinking up the storyline and who the heroine is going to be, I had to modify the title of the book.  In modifying the title, I also changed the cover.  I also changed the cover because I used this couple on the Forced Into Marriage cover.

Some of you might have already pre-ordered this on iBooks, so I want to assure you that this is the same story.

Here’s the old cover and title:


Here’s the new cover and title:


I won’t say more about this story right now.  It’s so far out from being released.  But I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the title and cover has been changed so you don’t wonder what happened to Sep’s story.  It is still going to be done. 🙂

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  1. Why did you change the name of the book? I have a guess, but I want to hear the reasons before I say what my guess is.

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