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The Marriage Contract new ebook cover

A little background on this book:

This book was actually a passion project. I wrote this because it was burning inside of me to write since 2012. I just hadn’t had the right characters to line up with the plot, so I had to set the idea aside for years. I have a lot of ideas that need waiting for before they’re ready to write. This happens to be one of them. It is loosely based off of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. I also wanted to try my hand at gothic romance. I wanted to try some new things that I hadn’t done before. I even put in a sword fight and a horse chase into this story, something that’s new for me.

Just so everyone knows, it does still fall under the Regency series I’ve been working on. I decided to mix some other elements into it. And I’m going to be adding my own spin to the rest of the books in this particular series, and that spin will have gothic elements. It’s fun taking traditional fairy tales and making my own spin on them. Of course, these will all have happy endings. I love happy endings. I also love romance, and you can’t have a romance without a happy ending.

About this book: 

This is Book 1 in the Marriage by Fairytale Series. After Mr. Stephen Bachman was forced to marry Lady Eloise (which happened in Married In Haste, which was in the Marriage by Fate Series), he got disfigured and had to move outside of London. Eloise died about a year before The Marriage Contract starts, and Stephen is a different person by this time. He’s a hero in need of a second chance. So for those of you who like heroes that were once bad who turn their life around for the better, you’ll like Stephen’s role in this book.

The heroine is brand new. She’s been living under the shadow of a gypsy’s curse since she was a child. No matter how long or how far she runs, the gypsy ends up finding her and destroying everyone she comes close to. No one else believes her, including the friend who brings her to marry Stephen. It’s only because she is pregnant and wants her child to be safe that she agrees to the marriage, and she has to agree to it under his terms: hence the contract she signs promising to never look at Stephen’s face, never to ask him about his past, and never to remove the covers that hide the mirrors.

Where you can find this book:

I have this available on these retailers. If I didn’t get your country added in here for the Amazon store, let me know. So far, I’ve only had a request for the UK store. Barnes & Noble is only in the US. I think Kobo and iBooks links take everyone directly to the country they’re in. The Smashwords link is good for all countries.

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    Thanks for the notification. I purchased it immediately, and it’s next in queue for reading!

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