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Changing the Title and Cover for Lassoing Her Groom

I have gone back and forth on this for the past two months, but I’m just not happy with the cover.  There’s nothing “wrong” with it, but I just wan’t satisfied.  So I combed through all the stock photo sites … Continue reading

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Updates on What I’m Working On

It’s taking me longer to get to comments, emails, and messages. At the moment, I am feeling overwhelmed.  Part of it has to do with summer and my kids being out of school (which means we try to do things … Continue reading

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Updates on What I’m Doing

His Abducted Bride At the moment, I’m on Chapter 15.  I had to go back and fill in a scene and swap another one, but everything is right on track.  Sandy spends 95% of this book in the fantasy world … Continue reading

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