My Second Meeting with Jane (Heroine from Bride of Second Chances)

I was asked if I would bring Jane back in before writing tonight’s post where I’ll give her point of view after she and Jeremy consummated their marriage. 

You will not!

Oh, hey Jane.  I didn’t know you were right there.

I will not have my private thoughts on display for the whole world to read.  It’s bad enough everyone was privy to what happened…just now.  You left me in a most uncomfortable state of dress.

What?  You have a dress on.

But you left me without anything on in the last post and came on over to talk with me.

Yes, I did because some wanted an impromptu interview with you.

I know I shall die of embarrassment.  *grudgingly sits and crosses her arms* What do you want to know?

Was it good for you?

*gasp*  I am a lady, and a lady never discusses such things.

Well, did you at least enjoy kissing him?

I won’t answer that either.  Really, all of this is none of your business.  I don’t know why you’re so insistent on writing R rated books.  You’d do better to keep it all G.

I know you don’t mean that.

Of course, I mean it!

If that was true, you wouldn’t have requested to get a better look at him…down there.

*cheeks flush*  I will die of embarrassment before this book is over.

You’ll survive.


Jeremy called you beautiful and said you were lowly.  That’s nice, isn’t it? 


Sorry.  I meant ‘lovely’. 

You are appalling.  You make a typ-o like that and you call yourself a writer?

Now, Jane, typ-o is typo, not typ-o.

I said typo.

No, you didn’t.

Yes, I did.  Why would I say typ-o?  It’s not even a word.

Because you’re prone to mistakes like the rest of us?

I am not.  I’m a character.  If anyone is to blame for anything, it’s you.  You’re the one who looks bad, regardless of anything I say or do.

Like the fact that you want to do another sex scene tonight?

I want no such thing!

Then why did I get this memo on my desk early this morning saying you want to do it again?

Isn’t it time you posted a picture?  You’ve been doing that a lot lately.  Don’t you want to pretty up this post?

You’re avoiding the topic.

I am doing no such thing.

Yes, you are.

Oh, here.  Slap this picture up!

Funny you should pick this one. 

It’s just a picture.  Granted, it’s eerily reminiscent of the movie Titanic, but it’s a picture all the same.

A picture where you’re kissing Jeremy.

That is neither here nor there.

Oh come on!  It’s totally relevant.

It is not!

Sure.  If it weren’t, you would have picked this picture…


There are two things wrong with that picture.

You mean besides the fact that Jeremy’s not in it?

Jeremy has nothing to do with it.  First, I am wearing a shirt.  A modern shirt, mind you.  Remember what I said about being historically accurate?  Second, no one wants to see a picture of me.  There’s nothing special about me.

Jeremy thinks you’re special.

But not like Rebecca.

While Rebecca was a wonderful woman, you have some traits uniquely your own that endear him to you.


I see you’ll have to discover that in the course of the book, which you will.  Now, I have to write today’s post for another book, but I will get to yours this evening.

I don’t suppose I can talk you out of it?

You were the one who sent me the memo.

It wasn’t from me.  Someone forged it.  Probably one of your sex-crazed readers.

That’s fine.  You don’t have to admit it in public.  Now go return to Jeremy.  The post starts up with you in his arms on the parlor floor.  Oops.  Sorry.  That sounds pretty gross.  His arms on the parlor floor.  *shivers*  I mean, you’re lying naked in his arms, and you’re both on the parlor floor.

I’ll give you writer’s block, Ruth.

We’ll see.  *ends meeting*

Well, we’ll have to wait and see how things play out for her tonight.

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to
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9 Responses to My Second Meeting with Jane (Heroine from Bride of Second Chances)

  1. Christina Busby says:

    jane, i love you by the way and love to read anything and everything about you.. I am just like you! Please don’t block things out. Rebecca and you are two different people but I am going to let you in on a secret! I prefer to hear about you and not Rebecca! 🙂

    • LOL I thought she’d be hard to get anything out of, but she did leave some nice hints on what’s going on inside her head. I had a lot of fun with her interview today. 😀

  2. Christina Busby says:

    lol o yeah like the fact she LIKES kissing Jeremy!lOL 😛

  3. Christina Busby says:

    yay! lollllllll missed these chats today! 😛

    • I’ve spent most of the day getting frustrated. It’s one of those, “I’m going to pull out all of my hair” type of days. It was so bad I ended up yelling at other drivers. I swear, when you need to find your oldest kids because they weren’t at the park they said they’d be at and all the cars in the small town which is usually quiet are suddenly on the road, things get way too frustrating. I probably pissed off a lot of people. 😦 Part of Caitlyn’s anger today was written when I was still upset. Actually, I still am. Found the kids but I’m still wound up. I hate it when they don’t go where they say they’re going.

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