It’s Not All Roses (and Coping Mechanisms To Set In Place)

Well, my cold is worse today than it was yesterday.  I did upload Prelude to Brave Beginnings to Smashwords, which is at #2500 or something in the queue.  Return of the Aliens is almost up.  At last check, it was #163 in the queue.  So it’s been almost 24 hours since I sent it out to the Internet.

But already, I can hear the complaints.  What kind of complaints?  Well, it’s not new material in Prelude to Brave Beginnings.  Even though I put in the description these are scenes right out of Restoring Hope, someone will still complain about that.  It’s only 13,000 words. Even though Smashwords has the word count right on it, someone will feel ripped off because it’s too short.  It doesn’t have a happy ending.  Even though I have ‘Julia and Chogan’s story is continued in Brave Beginnings’ at the end, someone won’t like it.  They will want me to attach the entire 113,000 word book to the end of this short ebook so they can have their full story.  I used the name Chogan instead of ‘Brown Feather’ and since he’s Indian, he must have a name like Brown Feather or something similar to that.  Complaints like this are stuff I’ve had to deal with from time to time. 

I have now hired someone to filter my emails for me.  Why?  Because whether people know it or not, getting screamed at in an email about how horrible I am at something in my books, does impact my ability to write.  I am not in a creative mood at all.  While I am able to do the basics: proofing, publishing, covers, and formatting, I can’t make new scenes come up on any of my Ruth titles.  Bride of Second Chances has now stalled.  I tried on Friday and managed 500 words, but I can’t get any further.  I might take a week off from it. 

I can still do my Kate book, Life Mate.  I think I’ll focus on that one.  I’d like to publish it in June or July anyway, and I’m about three scenes from being done.  So I figure a few thousand words and I can get moving into the proof rounds on that book.  This is why Kate Page will never ever write a historical.  She’s doing contemporary for everything. 

I do love writing historical westerns and will continue to do so, but I need time to bounce back, and as much as I try, I can’t force it.  If the creative spark isn’t there, forcing it will only make me write second quality work, and I want to write my best quality.  I think I’m okay with the 500 words I wrote on Friday for Bride of Second Chances.  My mind was jumbled up while writing it, but I can delete it without any problems later on if I need to.  It’s not pivotal to the plot.  The scenes coming up are, however, and those are ones I don’t want to force. 

So I have to learn to be patient with myself and ease back into it.  Having a cold doesn’t help, but usually I can keep writing even though I have a cold. 

I have pulled down five books.  I don’t feel like going into the explanation on my website, but I’ll do it here.  One is The Keeping of Greg Wilson which was written to submit to Harlequin Mini.  When I decided to self-publish, I put it aside.  That’s why the tone and voice is different.  I was writing for the publisher because Eye of the Beholder and His Redeeming Bride, which I submitted, weren’t ‘lusty’ enough for them and I didn’t have enough conflict between the couple.  They asked me to rewrite the books and resubmit.  I decided to self-publish so I could keep the books as they are.  This notion that authors settle for self-publishing is wrong.  Authors are choosing it in order to maintain full control of their work.  At least, most of us are.  So that is why I pulled ‘The Keeping of Greg Wilson down.  Will I rewrite it?  That is the plot of Joel Larson’s book, so yes, I am rewriting that book.  Only this time, I’m using different circumstances and different characters.  The plot, however, is the same.  The hero still gets forced into marriage with a shotgun.

I also pulled down An Inconvenient Marriage, Romancing Adrienne, An Unlikely Place for Love, and The Cold Wife.  I have one person looking at An Inconvenient Marriage and another looking at An Unlikely Place for Love.  They will work on their own schedules, and when they turn in what changes they recommend, I’ll look through them and decide whether or not to proceed.  Romancing Adrienne and The Cold Wife will be taken care of after the first two.  So it’ll take time, but I have decided I’m giving it a three month minimum of having those books ‘gone’ to see how things go.

The whole editing and grammar complaints will just have to be complaints.  I will not go and revise any of the other books that I have out.  Historical problems, fine.  Subjective editing/grammar issues, no.  If people have problems with my editing and grammar, they can read someone else.  Getting a 2 star review for one typo in an entire book is ridiculous, and after talking with people who’ve voiced their complaints, I’ve realized that the bulk of their issues has to do with style.  Those who have kindly emailed me or commented on my first draft blog to point out the typos, I thank you.  I do fix those.  But these things where people want to tell me how to write my stories because I’m not developing the characters well enough or describing every little thing in a book, etc are not things I’m going back to change.  I write the book as I’d like to read it.  If I’m not describing enough, it’s because I skim books with too much description.  These are some preferences I’m talking about.  They’re subjective. 

From now on, I’ve decided I will not deal with rude people.  So I now have someone who will go through emails from people I don’t know and they will respond to the rude people for me.  This way, I don’t end up losing all of my creativity again.  Should someone post a rude comment, I’ll trash it.  I don’t mind people who don’t agree with me, but there’s a difference between disagreement and outright attacks.  Life is too short for me to dwell on the negatives.  I get that some people hate my books, but it doesn’t mean I have to deal with them.  That’s energy and time I could be spending on positive endeavours.

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14 Responses to It’s Not All Roses (and Coping Mechanisms To Set In Place)

  1. Christina Busby says:

    awww you sound like you need a christina hug! lol ((((RUTH)))) 😛 huggies and feel better soon my friend!

    • Thanks. It just pisses me off that I can’t write anything in Bride of Second Chances when things were going so well. 😦

      • Christina Busby says:

        youll get it back TRUST me. lol… I DARE you to write a well written book to make her JEALOUS and GREEN with ENVY! :p think of how tender Jeremy finding Eliza is going to be.. brings tears to my eyes. P.S. Jane and Jeremy are awaiting you in their hotel room and say HURRY up! lol their tired of sitting in there lol yup a dream yet again!

        • Believe me, if Jane and Jeremy are alone in a hotel room, they aren’t bored and they aren’t wanting me to hurry up and get back to them. 😉 I think Eliza’s going to cry.

      • Christina Busby says:

        well they are occupying their time, but they would like to get out to see his mom! 😛

    • Christina Busby says:

      yes, but remember they are on a mission 😛 😛 😛 😛 a mission to be happy lol rofl

      • They’re fine. Remember, they are happy. He’s told her he loves her, but have you noticed she hasn’t said the same thing? *raises eyebrows*

      • Christina Busby says:

        LOL Yes and hence the reason Jeremy is impatient lol

      • Christina Busby says:

        THATS the problem I DO! LOL

        • So no worries. He has a big grin on his face. If anyone’s anxious to proceed, it’s Jane. But since he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear and telling her he loves her, she’s content. hehe

      • Christina Busby says:

        lol ok as LONG as hes whispering sweet nothings in her ear lol 😉 see you already have a sex scene planned out for when u get back ROFL

        • I would if this was an erotic romance, but since it’s not, I’m leaving it out. Chris just told Caitlyn’s mom no, so she’s happy. Something could be happening for those two soon. *wiggles eyebrows*

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