New Cover for Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

I don’t know when this book will be done, but I figured I should change the cover to reflect to plot.  When I wrote Restoring Hope, I thought the conflict might be between Onawa and Woape and Onawa’s insecurity in wondering if Citalali was holding onto old feelings for Woape.  But hey, Citlali was actually relieved to be out of the marriage to Woape, though I didn’t go into it.  This comes up in Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.  The real conflict will come from Citlali’s dedication to the tribe and his feelings for Onawa. You see, the chief is going to continue to create problems that were started in Brave Beginnings.  So to reflect this, I decided on a picture of Citlali with a teepee which represents the tribe (and this will also play a part in the buffalo hunt that was popular among the Mandans) and his wife Onawa.  I thought I’d make her look friendly since series looking heroines on covers usually get a “she looks mean or mad” response from some people.  LOL

Here’s the new cover:

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  1. Saw this on SPAL and liked it! You’ll be a GIMP wiz in no time!!!

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