Updates on What I’m Doing

His Abducted Bride will be due out next week.

His Abducted Bride new cover

I sent this book in for pre-order at the Apple iBookstore and Smashwords so I can’t publish it to Amazon or Barnes and Noble until July 30, but it usually takes a day or two for the book to go up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  So expect this to be up on August 1 or 2 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, providing I don’t run into any glitches.  *fingers crossed*

For those of you who have signed up for my email list to be notified when new releases are out….

I will wait until the book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble before sending the email out.  I will include the links to the US Apple iBookstore and Smashwords.  Usually, I don’t include Apple iBookstore in with the email list because I use Smashwords to go up to iBookstore and it can take a couple weeks or so before it’s on the iBookstore.  This time is the exception (same for His Reluctant Lady when it’s out August 6) because of the pre-order process.

I hope that makes sense.  If not, feel free to comment and I’ll try to explain it better.

And of course, I’ll post the links on this blog and announce them on the newsletter blog (so I will delay posting the newsletter until this book is available).

I finished the first draft to Kent Ashton’s Backstory!

kent ashton

But since I’m in the pre-order phase of His Abducted Bride and His Reluctant Lady, I haven’t been posting any scenes for this story.  After His Reluctant Lady is released, I expect to pick up on posting the scenes again.

Here are the links to all the Kent posts.  I have done some light revision already in the book but it’s pretty much the same in the plot to what I have below.  This way you can catch up on the old posts.  I expect to start posting more about Kent in about 2-3 weeks.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5

Post 6

Post 7

Post 8

Post 9

Post 10

Post 11

Post 12

Post 13

Post 14

Post 15

Post 16

Post 17

Like I said, I’ll resume posting his backstory in 2-3 weeks.  🙂

The Stagecoach Bride estimated for later this year/early next.

Book Stephannie Beman and I are working on.

Book Stephannie Beman and I are working on.

Stephannie and I have talked about publishing this around December or January.  I didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten about this book.  🙂

Bride by Arrangement has a tentative release month of December.

The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

Jan and I have worked out the kinks with this anthology and are proceeding forward.   Hopefully, we can get it out in December.  *fingers crossed*  The word count bar on the right side lets you know how far I am in my novella.  It doesn’t include Jan’s novella, but I will be posting a sample from her novella in a month or two.

And I did change the title of my novella.  It’s no longer “Pete’s Wife”.  Now it’s “The Purchased Bride”.


Other Works In Progress

catching kent ebook

I’m happy to say I’m over the halfway point in this one.  I plan to publish this at the same time I publish Kent Ashton’s Backstory because the two go together.

At this time, I am estimating the end of September for the publishing month for both Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Catching Kent.

the earl's scandalous wife

This is still in the beginning stages.  I am only in chapter three, but at the moment, Christopher has succeeded in helping Paula (the heroine) corner Perry into a scandal that forces him to marry her.

boaz's wager

This is also in the beginning stages (chapter two), but I can already tell that Eva Connealy (the heroine) is no coward.  She’s not one to take stupid risks, but she’s got a surprising amount of underlying courage.  I’m not sure how Boaz will respond to her, but it’ll be interesting to find out.

Possible Books in the Near Future

When I publish Kent Ashton’s Backstory and Catching Kent, I plan to be done with the first draft of The Purchased Bride (the novella I’m doing for Bride by Arrangement).  This will free me up for two books to begin writing.

The novels I am thinking of writing are Wagon Trail Bride (Richard Larson and Amanda’s romance) and Patty’s Gamble.   I’m finally getting a firm grasp of why Richard took Amanda out of New York.  That’s been the hold up on that book.  I had to know what made him marry her when he was in love with someone else at the time.  But in a couple months, I might be in the mood to write something else instead.  We’ll see what happens when I get to October.

I do want to do a romance based on the children in the South Dakota books (Loving Eliza,  Bid for a Bride, and Bride of Second Chances), but I haven’t come up with a plot I can get excited about yet.  I need to be super excited about a plot in order to write it.  🙂  But I just wanted to let everyone know I am planning on it.  I probably won’t be writing any of them though for a while.

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