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The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

The Anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I Are Working On

I’ll finish the first draft of my novella in the Bride by Arrangement anthology this week.  🙂  I just finished the last chapter and will write the epilogue either tomorrow or Friday.  Then I’ll start in on the editing process with my awesome team.  This anthology is going through a publisher and should be out around New Year’s.

Book Stephannie Beman and I are working on.

Book Stephannie Beman and I are working on.

I’m almost halfway through my part of the editing process on this book.  All I can say is that this book would not have been nearly as good as it is without Stephannie Beman’s part.  It was a lot of fun working on it, and reading through it again, I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed working with Stephannie.  I plan to give it back to her on November 11.  From there, she’ll do the final touches on what needs to be done with it.  December is still the goal on when to publish it.  So all things are going according to plan.  🙂

boaz's wager

I’m almost at chapter nine in this book.  I have a tentative date for finishing the first draft, which is December 27.  If I can make this deadline, then the last week of January will be the publishing date.

the earl's scandalous wife ebook cover

Things are now picking up in this book.  It took a while because I wasn’t sure where things were going, but I have a better feel for the characters and things are moving much more smoothly.  I have adjusted the daily word count goal to 500 words a day instead of 250.  At the moment, I am on chapter seven.  I have no estimated finishing date, but I’m thinking March or April might be the month I’ll publish this if all things continue to go according to plan.

the earl's secret bargain ebook cover

I just started this one.  I wanted to do it while the plot is fresh in my mind and the characters were ready to have the book going.  This book goes into the wager that Agatha exposed in His Reluctant Lady.  It deals with how the wager was made between Lords Davenport and Pennella and what happens after it’s exposed.  I showed what Lord Pennella did after it was exposed, but I never told what happened to Miss Giles or Lord Davenport.  I expect it to be fun to find out how it all works out.

wagon trail bride ebook cover 10

I think this time I’ll finally get this one done.  🙂  This is Richard Larson’s romance.   Since I had a dream where I basically saw the entire book play out in front of me like a movie, I figure the characters are ready.  No, I don’t hear voices or anything spooky like that.  It’s just that I need to know the characters well enough to write the book.  I couldn’t get a real handle on Amanda for the longest time, and I think it’s because I wasn’t willing to get as dark into her story as I needed to.  Once I accepted how things are going to play out for her, the story fell into place.

His Convenient Wife ebook cover

I have decided on the book that will take the place of Bride by Arrangement once I’m finished with it.  I’m still in chapter one, but since I know what to do with Harriett Larson, I figure I’d write it while the characters are still fresh in my mind from Catching Kent.  Harriett will end up with Stan Craftsman, but it’s the “how” that’ll be fun to find out.

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  1. ❤ Glad to see you back, lovey

  2. Oh my stars, how in the world can you work on so many things at once? That’s why you’re so prolific…you never stop! 🙂

    Although I always look forward to your books, I’m excited the most about the regencies. That’s really cool writing one that revolves around the bargain that was made in His Reluctant Lady. That will be fun learning more about it.

    • The Regencies are a lot of fun. I can get away with some humor I can’t get away with in other genres, especially since the Ton was so serious about picky little rules. So if a lady kisses a gentleman at a ball, it’s like, “Scandal! Scandal!” LOL So many ways to ruffle up the feathers of polite society. 😉

      I need to work on more than one book because I run into slow periods in all of my books. I hate the slow periods when I can’t figure out how to get from one point to another. Working on other books help me not scream out of frustration. 😀

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